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Memory issues...

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Ok just to say im kinda newb but im trying to learn.


DFI NF4 Ultra D

GPU 6800gt evga

Enermax 550 watt

Patriot 3200 2x512 (Installed)

OCZ 3200 2x512


I recently got this new (TO ME ) OCZ memory. I know the memory works as it came out of a working gigabyte system.


My patriot ram is installed in the orange slots - there is four slots on my DFI 2 yellow and 2 orange. I don't know if this is accurate but the orange slots help the ram run faster or something???? not to sure.. anyway so i went to install the OCZ in the yellow slots to run along with my patriot memory and i when i try to boot i get a black screen and beeps every 3 seconds.


I tried removing the patriot ram, and then installed the OCZ ONLY into the orange slots.. still the same thing, 3 beeps every 3 seconds no startup


I tried putting the OCZ into the yellow slots and same thing


is there anyway to get this memory installed on my system? any advice?


also another noob question, i have two DVD drives, i set one of them to slave and the other to master - is this the correct way?

I then connected the IDE cable to both of them with slave being at the top of the chain, and the Master on the second connector and then connected to MOBO.

I tried to restart comp into windows and BSOD, so i removed the cable from the slave and booted the machine and everything worked fine, any ideas?




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Guest Blooz1

1. Try installing just 1 OCZ memory module in the orange slot FARTHEST from the CPU. See if the rig will boot with this configuration.


2. Be aware that DFI boards generally don't like to run with mixed memory - do you have any idea of what chips are used on the ram you have? Are the timings the same, or different?

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Ok Update...


I was able to get the OCZ ram to work, i went into BIOS hit f6 and saved. pulled the patriot installed the OCZ in the orange slots and computer booted. was not able to put the patriot in and have it boot with the OCZ tho, any ideas?

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Your post on the OCZ working came right behind my post.


If you're not already, manually set the timings in the BIOS to 2-3-2-6. If that doesn't work you can try 2-3-2-5.


Blooz1 is correct. Mixing ram is a hit and miss experience.

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