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i think i'm cpu limited

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so i grabbed a couple 7900 gt co from a friend the other day for dirt cheap thinking it's be a huge increase over my x800gt02, installed them redid windows just to make sure i'd done all the steps since this is my first sli build. got all the drivers installed updated windows and all my software got all my benchmark programs running and went to town. with 1 7900gt i grabbed a 10190 of 3dmark05 with 2 cards i grabbed an 11880 of 3dmark05? something seems wrong here, i feel as if i'm cpu limted maybe, i also ran aq3d and only got 88k, not to mention i'm sure i've got the cards both oc'd to 604/850 with no vmods and stock coolers. i think something is seriously wrong here, can anybody help, system i'm referring to is in sig.

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