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Over The Air Tuners


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I really love my LG LST 3510A Digital Tuner. I have a Sony KV-32HS510 32" Hi-Def Ready CRT T.V. I got it for the DVI input it hooks right up to my Video card. I need to under scan @ 1366X662 so I can see the start button in Windows but it looks Great. I live in Orange County California the second biggest market for over the air T.V. in the U.S. so I get like 30-40 channels (some in other languages). I really like the Side Bands so if I don't like whats on chanel 7 I can goto 7-2 and see the last news cast any time. A few of the P.B.S. stations have up to 5 channels on each band. I got a cheap $69 High Fringe antena and threw it up on top of my apartment building the wood was so termite eaten it would not stay on the poll but still works fine just laying up there.

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