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  1. I was not really asking a question but showing how Vistas new features actually work or don't. I guess I could make sure inserting a USB Drive did not change BIOS's Boot order clearly it should not but the point is not whether I could get it to work just how it works or does not work. I can see the future I foresee a lot of Ready Boost Flash Drive Reviews in the next year. It looks like you will need to purchace a Flash Drive Specificly for Ready Boost on the 2 GB system I tryed it only wanted to alacate 640 MB to Ready Boost. I've read pep's saying to match you system RAM but ASUS's New Vista Mother Board With on Board Ready Boost Cache is only 512 MB. I recommend a nice 1 GB Flash Drive With the Ready Boost label to insure compatability. I've looked them up on Newegg they have a special Catagory for them. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....528542&name=Yes
  2. I spent the morning installing Vista Home Premium for a customer today. It worked well even though he had a modest system. I previously built him a Giabyte Nforce 3 AMD 3700+ with 1 GB RAM and ATI 9550 Video Card. The 9550 Just Squeeked by for Vista but it did do DX9. I upgraded him to 2- 1GB G.Skills PC3200 and a 200 GB Maxtor Diamond Max 10 Serial Drive. We did a clean install on the 200 GB Drive and he can elect to boot to the old hard drive & XP System by changing the boot priority in BIOS. It worked out pretty well for some reason the image was moved over about two inches to the left, leaving a black unused band on the right side of the monitor. I fixed it by changing the monitor in display properties. He had a few flash drives laying around so I told him about Superfetch & Ready Boost. I put an old 256 MB Kenington Flash Drive in the Rear USB Port. A dialog box appeared asking if I wanted to look at the contents of the drive or Speed up the Performance of the system. I chose the Later and it brought up another window explaining that the Flash Drive lacked the speed necessary to help. I removed it and used a 1GB USB Flash drive he owned. Again the 1st Dialog box I choose speedup system it liked this one but said it would only use 640 MB of the Drive. I thought Cool but after rebooting the system it hung and would not reboot untill I removed the Flash Drive. I spent three hours All together to download Catalyst Driver and NAV 07 Plus Windows Updates Vista had to Partition the Drive But I didn't notice it takeing the usuall time to Format a new 200 GB Drive.
  3. I was looking for a HTPC Case with 8 cm Fans the Zalman HD 160B Fit my needs! I like it a lot but the Vacume Floesent Display is a little boring as it only really works for Media Center Mode displaying song title and running time. In normal windows it just displays the Time. I enjoy having enough musel to let a friend join me on the Battle Field with the opty 170 2GB DDR 500 256MB Gefore 7900 GT and a ATI HD Wonder could let me PVR Over the Air Hi-Def if I could get it to work I had it working but have sence reformated. I Call it "My Battle Station!" If you want more the HD 160 XT has a 7" Touch Screen but I'm thinking the touch screen is for an application where you can't see the T.V. like in a closet.
  4. I don't think your going to find a better Value on the Market then Dimond Flower Internationals Infinity. Mine run Dual 3.5GHz with a Cheap CPU E6600 and Cheap RAM G.Skills DDR2 800. DFI just came out with a 965 Board maby even Better! http://www.dfi.com.tw/Press/press_header_c...456.jsp&SITE=NA
  5. Must be cause I watch a 32" Sony Hi-Scan CRT @ 1080i. I think 1080p is important! You may want to hook up your computer to it. I use an under scan of 720P so I can read the text, test on 1080i jiters all over.
  6. I was a little disapointed because I thought I could get 400X9 but I'm happy with 390 X 9=3.5 Orthos Stable for 30 Min. I think you need a E6600 the get the most of this board No? I think all 975 have a hard time doing 400+ Front Side Buss. I wonder why DFI do not have a 965 Board? I just removed my Northbridge and used AS5 then put a MSI 865 Northbridge Fan on the stock heat sink. Maby that's why... I took off the Fan on the northbridge the turblance inside the Antec 900 is enough I can do the same OC. It does 10800 in 3D Mark 06!
  7. The wire went into a candle on my table it was on flame they are not fire proof maby I can solder it. I got a cheap replacement A4 Tech Gaming mouse it's fine only $30.
  8. I did a few tests and the thruput on the cuda is only a few MB's behind the 74 GB Raptor and it's only $95
  9. I really Like mine. I moved out of a Cooler Master Wave Master. The antec does not have the build quality of an all aluminum case but it does not have the price eather. It runs cool and quiet the only Fan I can hear is the CPU Fan if I turn it down it's silent. The only real down side is in the cable management especally with my strangly laid out DFI Infinity 975 but it does tuck the Heat Pipe under the Big Fan!
  10. I tryed to mount it up on the roof of my apartment but it was so termite eaten it would not stay up so I just slug it on the roof it works fine. Los Angles has so many digital chanells. I got a cool LG LST 3510A DVD/Digital Tuner
  11. I recienty Got the Zalman HD 160 B for my HTPC they have a more expensive model with the touch screen LCD. I just use a old 17" LCD under my TV for reading and a second screen. The 160 B has a Vacume Floresent Display that works well with Media Center Mode on Windows MCE 05. I've tryed lots of other cases like the Antec Overture but it did not have adiquit cooling. This case has dual 8 CM Fans in the rear. It also comes with a Media Center remote for $289 I need to cut some holes in my stand here for some extra ventalation. I was considering radiators on the back of the Armwa. I have another Rig besides this one in my living room so I can play Battle Field and Counter Strike Source with friends. It is beside my coffe table with a 19" Samsung LCD TV on the table. I used my Old DFI Lanparty Expert and Opty 170 it's defiantly ATX My Gameing Rig in in the Living room as well so I can play Battle Field with a friend.
  12. I got a ATI-HD Wonder no one is useing one? It's O.K. but my LG set top is better.
  13. Mine runs great on that mother board with Cheap RAM G.Skill PC6400 F2-6400PHU2-2GBZX @ 3.5Ghz Orthos Stable I've gotten to 10,800 In 3D Mark I'd recommend the 11-15-06 Bios Reapply better thermal compound on the Northbridge. Maby a fan if you don't have alot of air flow.
  14. I put last years Rig in a ZALMAN 160 B Case. I really Like the Case it's has excellent fit and Finish. It's got my Opty 170 Running on a DFI SLI DR Expert. 2 GB of G.Skill PC 4000 and my Zalman Heat Piped EVGA 7900 GT Volt Moded to GTX Specs. A Segate Baracuda 320 GB Perpendicular Drive and Lite on Light Scribe DVD-RW and a ATI HD-Wonder Card. The 160 B Has a Media Center Remote control that is great for media center mode. It's hooked up to a 7.1 Channel Sony Surround Sound Receiver. A Sony 32" High Scan Sony Monitor display the images via DVI Cable. I have a set of Polk 11T's from the Last Millennium but they still sound terrific each tower has a Silver Voice Coil Tweater between two 6.5 Inch Drivers with dual 8" Passive Radiators acoustically coupled with a 6.5" mentioned earlier. I bought a few Polk Bookshelf speaker on sale at Fryes. Two have 6.5 Inch Drivers for the Sides and I got a 5.25" Polk bookshelf Firing rearward into my kitchen. It's a small 1 bed room apartment and this broadens the sound stage. It is also strange to hear effects in the kitchen. I found a Polk center channel speaker on sale at Fryes as well for $200 is has two 5.25" Drivers and a tweeter. I got a sweet Sony 250 Watt Class D Sub. It is a Bang & Olfsan design and had two 10" Drivers. A long time ago I nicked a set of Vanden Hul Sterling Silver Speaker Cables from my Boss set up (It was Bi-Wired and he ask me to set it up) so those are powering the 11T's See the second 10" underneeth?
  15. A Zalman 9500 LED I havent changed the Voltage. Just running My G.Skill PC 4000 RAM in Spec @ 250 Mhz...O maby cool and Quiet is on....
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