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Evercool Components - Need Advice


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Hi Guys


I'm in the market for some advice on some evercool products.


I need to expell more hot air around my SLI setup as its kicking out a fair bit of heat thats causing other problems.


I'm thinking about using this one as its resonable price and seems ok on the noise/CFM rating. Anyone had any experiance with it?




Also found a few products other products from evercool that I might consider but these two items confused me.


Does anyone know how you actually attach/mount them as the evercool specs are very limited on detail. From the pics I'm not sure if they fit in a pci slot?









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The Evercool sb_c and sb_d are designed to be mounted over the PCI cards (not in the slot itself) to get more airflow around the cards.


The sb_f1 may be useful; but IMO wouldn't be very effective for an SLi setup.

The absolute best way I've found for controlling heat is to install an H2O setup.

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