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Suspect Karajan module has packed in

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First of a ll WELCOME BACK DIY!!!!!


I suspect my karajan audio module has packed in, see what you think:


1. Rolled back windows (system restore a week) incase something stupid installed. - no difference

2 Checked system services manager and checked audio started - o.k.

3 Tried many updated drivers - no difference.

4 Speakers tested o.k. on other computer.

5 Tried reseating module and disableing, rebooting then re-enabling in BIOS.


What makes me suspect that it is the module and not s/w related is that

I think the device has disappeared from both the control panel and ALSO

is IRQ device list on boot up - can anyone tell me which device it was (I never noticed but i'm sure it said something like 'multimedia device' in the IRQ setting list and in the control panel there was realtek drivers and device - these have just plain gone!!


Another strange thing is that occasionally I can force the device to start via the servies manager and the NVIDIA drivers enable the card (still no realtek displayed in controll panel) and the sound is present but extremely hissy and very quiet.


Any help appreciated. I've contaced DFI support for a new module (i'm in the u.k and they send from the netherlands.)


But otherwise if you all think it is the module, then what about the Audigy 2 as a replacement. I was told to steer well clear of the x-fi as the stutter crackle pop issue is still not resolved.


Many thanks.



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Tried to clear for 10mins but sound module still not detected. I'm sure it's dead.


There is one thing i've been doing recently - I got a mini jack lead and have been using the rear channel to feed my hi-fi, and the only way I could do this was to use 5.1 mode to get sound o/p. Maybe the o/p didn't see the right load and fried the module? just guessing.



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