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  1. Help. I am having mental blocks in trying to understand how 'Network Neutrality' will effect us. I googled the subject but after reading the first 10 explanations/articles I still do not understand what it REALLY means for the layman. The main points are people are worried it could impact upon 1)freedom of speech and 2)what web pages we look at, but my question is HOW will it do this? Please in easy understandable terms. Be gentle! Marco.
  2. marcopolo

    Flight sims, Where are they.

    STORM OF WAR:angel: release sept 08 (that really means mar '09) http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/storm-of-war-battle-of-britain/ Praised be the Lord (of combat flight sims) Allejullah.
  3. marcopolo

    Flight sims, Where are they.

    What the hell is going on in the flight sim world? As far as I can tell there have been no decent (combat) flight sims released in the last 3-4 years. Anyone know of any gamehouses planning such? has this genre died? is there NO demand for this sort of game anymore? Did us combat flight sim fans just disappear and start spotting trains instead? Any fellow flight sim fans out there? It seems some of the new hardware out would make a suberb job of the physics/graphics. Please game makers, if you are reading this, pull your fingers out!! Marco.
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    Flight sims, Where are they.

    What is your mission? To get yourself and your passengers luggage safely out of Heathrow terminal 5?
  5. marcopolo

    Flight sims, Where are they.

    Flight sim X is way too "SIM" for me. If I was trainging to fly some . into a building I might get excited about it, but taking off the ground in an A380 is not my idea of fun! I want to go on bombing missions in Afganistan and Iraq, taking out strategic targets, like bunkers, tanks, schools, hospitals, houses full of women and children - you know the stuff the US military likes to bomb. In the good old days I had falcon F16 for my atari ST. recently (last 4 yerars there was falocn 4 allied force but it is WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY dated.You could run it on a 1960's valve computer i think. (Or maybe not but you get the idea). I have an 8800GTS with kick butt capability and want to stare at a bit more than a grey cube huirtling underneath me at 650MPH! Marco.
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    9600GT SLI on NF4 Expert?

    It depends on what size monitor / res you are at. If you are on a 19in 1280x1024 you are going to be CPU bottle-necked with no OC on your OPTY 170. If you can push your Opty up to 2.8 or 3.0 (perfectly feasable) then this will be relatively balanced. However you will have to run your RAM at 2T to get your RAM OC correct as your 4 sticks will have problems and remember OPTYies don't like dividers below 150. If you are running a 20+in widescreen (say 1600*1000) then you will not be CPU limited as the cards will be using all their power to keep your graphics engine flowing as the CPU dumps to the GPU. If you like AA then you are less likely to be CPU limited. Bottom line is - 1280 res, stick with a single 8800GT (overclocked version) 1600+ res go SLI 9600GT. Marco
  7. marcopolo

    DIY-Street User Reviews: Crysis

    I bought the game this morning and played around with it a while (40mins)tonight so here aare my initial impressions: Gameplay: 8/10 Basically it is Far Cry redux - excellent if you loved the original which I did. More jungle fun. No points for originality. It will take time to explore the new features which may push my rating up to a 9/10! Graphics: 6-9/10: God only knows what this is going to run on peoples various systems like! On my 8800 GTS 320 (700/1000 aftermarket cooler): Sound: Yes. AI: I don't think so! 1280*1024: using fraps, detail level set to high (not very high) No AA 25-50 FPS very playable 2*AA 15-30 FPS Hmmmm - I wouldn't. 4*AA - get a GTX(s) and OC / SLI them!! I would be surprised if anyone was happy 4*AA high/very high on even a GT/X. I tried it 2,4*AA on medium detail and didn't like it. Far better high detail and no AA. Good news is though on high detail level the action is so fast you have to stop and specifically look for straight lines to tell which AA you are at!! Now to really explore the game (throw chickens at people). If it moves, shoot it. Marco.
  8. marcopolo

    Crysis amusing neat trick!

    Opps did I say far cry - I meant Crysis. Easy mistake to make! Use the shotgun for best effect. Go into strength mode, pick up a crate and hurl it quite high. Whilst the crate is in mid air you can take shots at it, like skeet shooting! I'm going to try it with the chickens. Marco.
  9. marcopolo

    Crysis amusing neat trick!

    Killa, that has got to the the funniest game link i've ever been sent to. I am still . myself. Marco.
  10. marcopolo

    Which card to go for...

    i don't mean to hijack this thread, but what are the power requirements of the new G92's. I remember when I was buying my 8800 I was boderline with the GTX in terms of power requirement so i decided to save the cash, not buy another PSU and just go for the GTS 320. Do the new cards avoid this problem?(i can''t find specs on 12v current requirement) Marco.
  11. marcopolo

    Does Crytek's Engine suck?

    I'm on 1280*1024 high detail no AA fraps shopw 25-50FPS, usually above 30 though, runs smooth as butter. Mine is 320MB GTS BUT... at 700/2000 with HR03 cooler! (3dmark 06 becomes unstable at 725/2100 so I backed off) I think this is a great game! Optimization? Who gives a .! I'll play the game again in 18mths time maxed out on my 9800 GTX!! Marco.
  12. marcopolo

    PHENOMinal Phlop?

    If someone wants to stay a 'fanboy' they will have to strap some H20 to this chip, BIOS mod OC to hell and stop complaining about their electricity bills! - even then they will only be breaking even with intels offerings in terms of raw performance. It saddens me a bit as AMD had the guts and know how to take the technology hotspot 3 years ago - but what is ailing them now? Had their top engineers left shortly after K8 was done with a big pat on the back? Mysteries. Marco.
  13. marcopolo

    PHENOMinal Phlop?

    We'll, bye bye AMD. it was nice knowing you. Now watch the share price plummet even though Abu Dabai just prchased 8.91% of their company! Marco.
  14. marcopolo

    DIY-Street User Reviews: Crysis

    Now that i've had a few hours playing the game I can comment a bit more. If you were a Far Cry fan though - start the game on HARD. The Nanosuit functions are great. I discovered you can mame people/objects in the most creative ways. Run out of ammo - no problem. Stick your suit in strength mode, pick up a chicken and hurl it at the said opponent. punch down a tree and bludgeon stuff. If you hide behind trees whilst taking flak - i've seen the enemy twice shoot a tree down on themselves and die. I had to collect my gut muscles before carrying on. The weapon mods are good too. There is a lot of humour in the game. I kept my settings (8800 GTS OC'd) at 1280*1024, NO AA, detail HIGH. Frames are good, smooth action and only very occasional stutter when stuff gets very clutterd. Yes it is just Far Cry 2 but is is great fun too! Well worth £30. Marco.
  15. marcopolo

    First 8800GT 512 review?

    reading all of the comments here about the new card it is obvious many of you have missed the point about this card. many people are running 19in/17in 1280x1024 screens which is why the GTX version of the 8800 was pretty much pointless. benchies in most games showed little if no improvement at this res between the GTX/GTS. The GTX version is only really needed if you want to max out games at 1600x1000 Wide or higher than 1280x1024. The same goes for this new card. i looked at many website tests of this cards and the card shows an improvement generally in the 1600x1200 and above range. frames in most games are basically the same at 1280x1024. Very few sites reviewed it at 1280 - probably cause it showed the same bench results as the GTS! I see many people on this thread getting pissed cause NVIDIA brought out a card slightly more powerful and slightly cheaper but the point is if you run at 1280 x 1024 it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!. The resolution poll on this site i notice was done Dec 06' and 1280x1024 was by far the most used. maybe time for a new poll! Marco.
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    Game over for AMD/ATI??

    I always thought I would be upgrading from an AMD system to another AMD system, but as it stands Intel looks like it may have the lead for the next 2 years. Our trusty old NF4 boards hooked up with a nice OC'd dual core opty and a 8800GTS seem to be fine for the lastest games maxed out - and should still be alright for 12-18mths!!! But what then?? Will the new AMD chips be competing? Or will I be upgrading to a Core 2 Octo chip? Hmmmmmmmm. Marco.
  17. marcopolo

    All Balls!!

    http://www.speedball2.com/ coming to a pc near you (MMOL) http://www.switchball.com/ Marble madness redux. looks like good fun (got 79% in PC gamer. Download only, $20.) Marco.
  18. marcopolo

    Gaming laptop.

    A friend of mine (serious gamer) wants a laptop/notebook for gaming and he asked me to look at: http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_59...015/version.asp with an 8600M GT integrated graphics. The problem is I told him I would wait until the 8800M is out as the 8600M GT will not cut it with all eyecandy on (1220x800 screen). When does the 8800M come out and what are peoples thoughts? Thanks, Marco.
  19. marcopolo

    All Balls!!

    ONLY 79%???? I averaged 49% through the whole of college::-)
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    Have you gto Daemon tools, Alcohol or Nero INCD running? Have you got 2 DVD/CD drives? In your browser how many CD devices are listed? Marco.
  21. marcopolo

    What happened to these genres?

    Combat flight sims? Fighting/martial arts games? Platforms? I have seen nothing (decent) new for years along these lines. The new FPS / MMORPG look great but......I hanker after.... speedball and ......xenon.........and..............newzealand story with swanky new graphics. What about IK+, surely this game needs to be remade with 67,000,000,000 polygons and shader models coming out of my arse. Dammit I am finding modern games so .....the same!! Is it only me that feels this way? Marco.
  22. marcopolo

    XBOX 360 controller for XP drivers.

    Just got this reply from the author of the XBCD drivers: It is not required. But since almost 99% of the users cam to my site after already installing the microsoft drivers i made the site based on that. If you have just reformated and not yet installed microsoft drivers then all you do is run the installer. Plug in the controller and it will auto search the drivers. Then another found new hardware wizard comes up saying HID-compliant device and just keep clicking next for it also and now the controller is installed. Dhruv Bhavsar
  23. Apparently the microsoft driver is .. (All 17MB of it). So XBCD XBOX 360 driver exists and is apparently quite good. However in the guide to installing it you apparently have to first install the MS driver, then run the XBCD driver afterwards. What i am wondering is - can you just skip the MS driver bit and just install the XBCD driver only? I am curios also why it is only about 800K as opposed to the MS driver's 17MB? is it an add on driver that requires the MS driver to be there also?: http://xbcd360guide.50webs.com/ for the guide and forum link. Marco.
  24. marcopolo


    Strange thing is I've been playing racing (rally and track) for years now on the PC and never had problems like this before! TOCA 3 and CMR 5 were superb with my previous microsoft joypad. When I played CMR Dirt with the same joypad it was a disaster. Apparently the game is best played with the XBOX 360 controller (presuming you don't have a wheel which is of course the frist choice!!). Marco.
  25. marcopolo


    Hi, It's the xbox 360 joypad i have. The linearity can be set from -0.5 to +0.5 in 0.1 increments. I'm hearing from other forums that 0.0 to 0.2 is a good setting - but I have not got a clue why!!