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Help Updating the LPNF2B sata bios.

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There has been some recent discussion on updating the sata rom to the latest in the bios of a few mother board. I would like to update tictac's 6/19XT and/or Hellfire's 6/19 turbo to the rom for my LP NF2 Ultra B so that I can use raid 5. I noticed that this page listed the update and has a "... abbreviated BIOS intended for integration into system BIOS." I do have a backup bios chip and have tested hot-flashing it. I am also familiar with a few bios tricks (menu unlocking, new bitmap) and tools (cbrom, award bios editor).

So now my questions before I start playing:

1). Could I just use a tool (cbrom) to swap in the new rom from the download without modification?

2). If not are there any modifications that it need to make and how would I go about doing so?

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