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  1. My tower is still running very well. I even tried vista on it, however I was unimpressed but it and went back to xp. I built mine on a budget but, have been slowly upgrading it. I recently added a thermaltake Sonic Tower cpu cooler that drop my temps 5C.
  2. One of the pipes comes very close to one of the big caps just below the cpu socket. I am running mine without a fan but, my powersupply does have an 120mm fan that is right above it venting to the outside. I would say if your case has decent air movement then you should be fine.
  3. I installed a thermaltake sonic tower. It comes very close to one of the caps near the cpu but dropped my temps by about 5C, which is good for not having a fan on the heatsink. It is very big but, the nice thing about it is that it will work with any socket on the market right now so if you upgrade later on you can use the same heatsink
  4. There has been some recent discussion on updating the sata rom to the latest in the bios of a few mother board. I would like to update tictac's 6/19XT and/or Hellfire's 6/19 turbo to the rom for my LP NF2 Ultra B so that I can use raid 5. I noticed that this page listed the update and has a "... abbreviated BIOS intended for integration into system BIOS." I do have a backup bios chip and have tested hot-flashing it. I am also familiar with a few bios tricks (menu unlocking, new bitmap) and tools (cbrom, award bios editor). So now my questions before I start playing: 1). Could I just use a tool (cbrom) to swap in the new rom from the download without modification? 2). If not are there any modifications that it need to make and how would I go about doing so?
  5. I know this isn't linux but I would recommend Freebsd or the boot-able no install, burn and play with cd Freesbie and as to windows games on linux I would look into Cedega
  6. Hey I'm looking for an amd mobile 2500+ for my box. I can't find them anywhere so I'm trying here. Looking to pay around $70ish but, I'm open on the price.
  7. I sure this question comes up every now and again but, I could not find a thread after a quick search(if I missed one I'm sorry). So anyways I've been reading this forum for about a month and loaded tictac's 619 XT bios and I'm very happy with. From what i've seen this forum is really the only one with modded bios information out there (correct me if I'm wrong please) but, I digress. The real reason I posting here is I need help modding a bios. I have recently started building a new server for my network and got a new 160gb drive for a file dump. The problem is my motherboard doesn't support 48-bit lba so the drive only shows up as 137gbs. The board is not dfi so this is alittle out of place, but I was wondering if someone could point me to a how to or documentation on how to mod a bios. I just need a starting point, something to help me out. I was going to buy an update but, @ $89.99 from esupport.com it's alittle rich for my cheap collage student blood (and I got the drive for only $40 so it'd be more than double the drives cost). So if some one could lend me a hand I would really be thankful. Also if it helps the bios is award v6.0 and is this mother board http://www.lannerinc.com/product_detail.php?products_id=57# .
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