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Cant get my mic to work on the AC97 on this NF3, pleeease help

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Ok i cant get any microphone to work on this crappy ac97 audio on my DFI 250gb NF3,


Im doing intense google searches for this problem and it seems a whole horde of people are having the same issue. I made sure the mute button was off i turned on mic boost, iturned the mic volume up all the way and no matter what i do the mic just simply will not work iv even tried 3 diff mic's. It works fine whe ni hook up my audigy 2 zs to this mobo so it has to be this ac97.


Im trying to install my Sound blaster live 5.1 on this pc but when i install the drivers the pc just reboots or lock's up, its a fresh install btw so im guessing the sb live is just to old to work on winxp.


Anyway I really need help i need this mic to work. I cant afford to buy a new sound card since i just spent $900 upgrading my pc to a 165 opty, s939 board, and a 8800GTS new psu ect.

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