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    some games don't like my OC

    Try running memtest86 sounds like your memory is being flakey. Prime95 or orthos doesnt really get memory stability
  2. what are your cpu temps using core temp when your using 1.58vv somehow i dont belive your running 45c maybe your socket temp which is what ITE reads I bet ya core temps is reading around 60+ c on both core's
  3. Good to see your getting a new a heatsink. Your temps are just insainly high thats why your clocks arent getting 3ghz stable. I tend to agree tho about core temp i cant tell if its telling the truth or not. I relise the Inner Core of the cpu is going to warmer then say the IHS or "socket" readings, but my core temp readings get around 55-58c on 1.50v, and im using watercooling. I even tried putting the pump in water with tons of ice cubes unplugged the hose so it could circulate the frigid water through the system, the water was so cold i had to move my hand out of it after a couple seconds, my hoses were cold my waterblock was cold hell even the socket that i could touch "small waterblock" were cold yet, core temp was reading 46c on core 0 and 41c on core 1, and i know people on plain air cooling that are claiming to get temps in the 45-48c range on load.... Now how in the hell could Aircooling get the same temps as my chilled ice watercooling ?? I took the IHS off at no avail the temps didnt change 1C... ITE was reading about 30c load with the chilled temps which is about 70-80F which i can belive but 110-124F on frigid water cold enough to move my hand out how is that possible ??? I belive the thermal DIODE's on these cpu's are poorly calibrated and are off by about 5-10c. Even so You said you were getting 75+c on Core temp 5-10 off that its still way to high and hell my ITE reads 44c load on 1.56v your using 1.45v and getting almost 60c granted its air, but ya good idea to get a new cooler im sure you'll get the 3ghz that im trying to push for.. I just got 2.9ghz stable finally but i can only take pictures and get a PI 1M stable @ 3ghz. Another thing i might add is your PWMIC is insainly hot, so is your chipset. Put a fan on the PWMIC or one over the chipset like see the 80mm fan in the case. If you do this make sure you put a bracket like i have to keep things from getting into the blades. Here the PWMIC is right next to the cpu and it actually makes the board hot to where you need to move youre fingers "which is a telling somthing is 60c+" like half an inch from the actuall cpu socket once i lowerd my PWMIC my cpu temps went down. Also to be honest if you fail after 10+ hours i wouldnt worry about it lol, specially if its on CORE 1, i havent seen anything that honestly uses both core's @ 100% load yet together like orthos does, so i dout you'll ever have a problem. Seems like a power problem 1.31v try 1.35v Hell Im happy with 5 hours stability, im so Impatiant once i get to the 5 hour mark i shut off orthos or prime and just go play games or keep testing further.
  4. I got mine from new jersey on the east coast so i doubt the area its shipped from means anything While i agree with you, its his choice and he can do what he wants, thats what the %15 restocking fee is for to pay for things like this. Most of the time tho newegg wont charge you anything and just ship you another one and even pay for the shipping back and forth which is adding to the fire of him returning it for a "not wanted stepping". If you got that stepping most likely buddy the CCBBE's are gone and thats all they have left so returning it is pointless to be honest cuss i bet you'll get the same thing.
  5. Candymancan

    IHS Removal Tutorial (AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)

    i removed mine and got 0c change on both core's, and core 0 still reads 10c warmer then core 1 on idle and it still reads 3-4 higher on load. over core 1.. I put the IHS back on since it didnt help to remove it. I also saw no diff removing my 3000+'s along time ago.
  6. Ok Update guys, i took my IHS off to see if the temps would go down they didnt even go down 1c which is odd. I tried to put the ihs back on but my first time failed aparently cuss core 1 was reading like 75c load... lol I decited to completetly remove the black stuff and reseal it with some white silicon that you use in bathroom's put it back on and the temps are tiny bit lower around 58-60c load instead of 63c. but there still really high. I think my sensores are borked cuss even if i put chilled water with ice through the system my block and socket get cold to touch yet my cpu is still warmer then people's on air cooling through core temp... uhg In the process of testing my cpu bare with my waterblock i chipped the south right corner of the cpu .... it wouldnt boot or just lockedu p even on stock.. Well crap Anyway here are my new results... I cant explain it but now it seesm that 2900mhz is stable the temps are basicly the same and im using 1.53v 8 mal 6 RP im gonna try lower voltage after a couple more hours on orthos. Also my normal 2860mhz which used to be stable @ 1.47v is now stable @ 1.40v lol... Maybe my chipped core has something to do with it ??? I dunno. Here isa pic, just wanted thank everyone for suggestion these new MAL and RP settings i never would have thought off and also for everyone else trying to help. Seems i finally got my goal of 2900mhz to me stable. Now off to 3ghz ! lol... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/Can...an/newclock.jpg
  7. Well i tried using all kinds diff settings with the mal and rp and it didnt help really, and only an 8 MAL seems to be stable any lower and the pc wont even get to windows using 8 Mal and 6 RP i was able to get 2900mhz stable for 30 min instead of 9 min which is better, but still no go. Im trying to get my memory stable above 250mhz so i can use the 166 divider instead of 150 and i got 260mhz memtest does get 15 errors on test, i increased my drive strength to 8 to get that tho lol. But 260mhz its still @ 2860mhz any higher and memory completetly fails. Im gonna try my pc4200 stick tomarow itll do around 280mhz so i can finally see if its the low dividers im using, if im still stuck @ 2860mhz after that then i guess il just hit the wall on soposedly good stepping. Im not complaining almost 2900mhz is fine by me just sucks that everyone i know with the same stepping is getting like 3ghz stable
  8. No my NB temps are int he 30's my PWMIC temps are on the low 40's, only my cpu was hot and im not to worried about frying it @ 1.6v i see people running that all the time, i just wanted to try it. Also no i dont take what you said to an offense thats why im hear to get answers. Ill mess around with the MAL and RP, i tried 10 mal and 6 RP pc wouldnt even boot, ill go lower and keep messing around it. Also my memory isnt on the stock timmings Mac the stock is 2-3-2-5-1t, im using a Cas of 2.5 if i was using a cas of 2 i couldnt get above 230mhz. My memory is CE-5 Infineon chips they dont overclock nore work very well above there stock timmings asside from the cas, iv tried 3-4-4-8-1t and it idndt change anything. Maybe my memory is limiting my overclock, I can try to push my memory and see if i can go above 260+ mhz so i can use the 166 divider but i doubt itll work i just tried it and got error's on test 5 the rest of the tests passed. I have some Pc4200 Ram laying around that i know is good up to 270-280mhz ill stick that in, i'll be running single channle but @ least i cant see if its the low dividers halting my oc
  9. I may seem stupid to ask but what the heck is this OCDB form im see'ing people on DIy are talkin about ?
  10. Yea i tried using all the voltages up to 1.6v it got so hot tho my waterblock actually started getting warm during testing lol cpu reached 55c and core temp reported 70c so its to hot then, also tried raising the LDT even tho the LDT speed is bogged down to less than stock, and the tried raising the chipset no go One thing i noticed is on prime95 my cpu will run fine on single thread, but during duel testing it will fail after 9 min on 2900mhz 1.55v, it is getting to be more stable with more voltage but still no cake. Another wierd thing is when i test core 0 by itself the temps on that core only go up, but when i test core 1 by itself the temps for both core's go up the same, and then when i test core 1 together with core 0, core 0's temp is about 5 or so degrees higher. Its almost like core 1 gets its power through core 0 when its in use thus making that core increase in temp. Maybe thats why core 0 is usually warmer for people then core 1?
  11. Here is what i am using atm, iv tried changing the scew to increase and 255, i tried changing the drive strength from 1-8, iv tried all the settings nothing helps. Regardless of my ram timmings even if diviers are set to make my ram run @ stock i get no overclock increase so how could it be my memory timmings? Maybe i wrong who knows all i know is this cpu in the pic shouldnt be stuck @ 2800mhz specially with this stepping.. Also i have 2GB of ram not 1gb, 2x 1gb sticks.. HX G.Skill ram built for low timmings they are the Infineon CE-5 chips with the date 0514 before G.skill started putting the crap ce-6 in the HX brand which dont overclock past 230mhz, they overclock up to 250mhz with 2.5-3-2-5-1t settings, iv already ran memtest up to that speed and passed without problem on a 24hr pass, any higher then 255mhz and i get error's
  12. i edited my post ehehe, tend to do that alot
  13. If you ever played Supreme commander yes that extra will help me even if its only 1fps lol.. That games just eats my computer alive.. Yea i tried 150 and a 140 and 133 divider didnt help i lowerd my memory down to 200mhz with dividers to eliminate my memory no go.. Thx tho guess i shoulda mentiond that, tried changing those settings also and the drive strength and skew level it cant possibly be my memory. One odd thing iv noticed while testing my overclocks out are to where iv been testing for like 36 hours on orthos if my screen saver or if i search the internet while the test is going it fails on me, but if i just let the computer sit there it'll run forever. Its really odd... to be honest iv ran my computer on 3dmark06/05/03/01 and aquamark @ 2960mhz where orthos would fail 2 seconds into and i never had problems im gonna try and see if its game stable if it is im just delete orthos and prime cuss the last couple years iv noticed these programs have been doing these wierd things even on my newcastle
  14. ATM im using the one that came with my board the 6/23 bios. Iv tried the newer ones on dfi's website but my cpu overclock's actually got worse so im back on this one. Just wondering which bios for you guys has been the best to you, and where can i find this 704-2ba bios im see'ing some people use ?
  15. Candymancan

    Guitar Hero II !!!!! (plus a warning)

    The looks really stupid and i think its funny that people actually play this