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FX-60 Toledo Dual Core

Tommy Trauma

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Hi everyone at DFI. Long time since I've posted here and thats due to having no problems with my DFI-SLI-DR motherboard. Glad to see Angry...err Happy (when did that happen hehehe) is still the boss around these parts. Mrs Games must have set her foot down pretty hard.

Hey, I'm looking for a 939 pin AMD FX-60 Toledo dual core to help push my eVGA8800GTX I just bought from Newegg yesterday. It is due to arrive today. Currently (still running) my AMD4000 clawhammer, 2-evga6800ultra in sli, and my OCZ pc3200 gig of ram is doing great. But I would like to run a dual core to help out the 8800 a little. I cannot tell you how happy I am about my DFI board and will upgrade this spring to an AM2 DFI board. I know Neweg has them for 450.00, but if you have one you want to get rid for around 300 or less I would certainly appreciate it.


Thanks Tommy Trauma

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