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  1. Hey, Hey, IT'S ALIVE!!! Wouldnt you know it, the new OCZ power supply was bad. Took it back to Fry's last night, and just got off work today and installed a new OCZ gamextreme 850 watt psu. I have in one of my 5 1/2" bays a Digital Doc which monitors, and controls all my fans, fan speeds and all my voltages. Thought I noticed my 12v rail was getting down into the 11 to 11.5 volt range there for a while on my old Enermax. The OCZ is at 12.5 and steady even when I kick all the fans on. So maybe that was the rail that let go the other night. But anyway, it looks like I didnt hurt anything else. Only been up for an hour so still have my fingers crossed.
  2. Guys, thank you. Had my new psu checked out today and the tester said the 5v rail was dead. Tested a different psu and the mobo and fans kicked on. But I didnt have enough time to let the guy hook it all up and get to windows. So, I just took that new psu back to Fry's and exchanged it. Will have to slip back by my pc buddies house in the morning and let him test the new one and hook it all up while I go to work. I will have an answer on if I need to buy one of your boards by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for replying, and will be in touch. T.T.
  3. Sitting here racing GTR2 the other night, when all of a sudden my APC 1500 backup went into overload mode. Which shut down my entire rig. I then hit the reset on it and got a lovely flash, a pop sound, and a slight whiff of carbon from inside my tower. Had my enermax 600 noisetaker tested, and its fried. Fairly sure thats where the flash came from. So I bought a new ocz700 gameXtreme and hooked it up yesterday in hopes of making my last league race for the championship (which I missed last night damnit). Apparently its at least fried my motherboard too. All I'm getting with the new psu is two yellow lights on the mobo. Think one used to be green when it was working right. No split second psu fan spin up on power cord plugin and obviosly no pre-post beeps or anything. Would just like to replace the 939 DR board for now, until I can afford to build the next rig. Does anyone have one they would like to let go for a good price. I'm pretty broke right now from a small disaster I had a month ago. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Long time fan of DFI, and frankly would'nt want anything else. Thank you, Tom
  4. Been there, done that. If you look at Happy's very first picture, you will see the 6 jumpers as they should be for single vga. This is how mine are currently. Tried moving them down, same thing. Only thing I havent tried is one set up, and one set down (Bottom row of jumpers in P-2 for sli), but that wouldnt make sense. edit.. wooops, sorry guys, didnt see this was an "expert" mobo thread. Still this is buggin the crap out of me.
  5. Wish the heck I could get mine into 16X. Admittedly I havent flashed my bios yet to see if thats going to help. But the only thing I see in my bios in the advanced chipset feature is to change the spread spectrum, and its already disabled. Nothing but a greyed out "PCI Config X2 NC X16 X1" in the Genie bios page to look at. That must be the difference between and ultra, and a DR board I guess. Ntune, everest, sysoft all say I'm in 8X. Even reinstalled my old 6800 with the 84.21 drivers, and it still showed 8X. And yup, I have moved my six jumpers up to P-1.
  6. I do see in the bios/Genie bios settings the "pci-e configuration x2 nc x16 x1" is "greyed out". So maybe something else in there is set to auto or something and not letting me select that.
  7. Praz, is your 8800 running at 16x? The reason I ask, is because of this thread I started the other day. This is driving me crazy trying to figure this out. Thanks T.T. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=71703
  8. Thanks Sharp and everyone for the assist. As you can see by my year and a half old bios' I get very nervous with flashing bios. Dont even know the correct procedure anyhow. I had a pc buddy do these for me, then I learned enough through trial and error to play in the bios to get a good stable setting and left it there hehehe. I'll see if I can get him out here to help me again. I thought it would be easier for one of you to look at your and see if yours is in 16x with a single card heheh. Thanks guys.
  9. Hmmm, same thing. Guess it just runs in 8x no matter what. Pretty sure I cleared the cmos correctly. It rebooted with a default and kept rebooting windows, so I reloaded my #3 bios bank (the one I have always used) and it it seems fine now, just at 8x. So I dont know, guess I'll just let it run at 8x till spring and go with a new mobo.
  10. Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. Only reference picture I can give you is Happy's first post/first picture in this thread. It shows the six jumpers in the "upper" position. That is where I had them since I installed the 8800 and it shows 8x. I did have them in the "lower" position with my two 6800's in sli of which it did show it as 8x correctly. And like I said, just a few minutes ago I moved them to the sli "lower" postion as a test. Still shows 8x and thats where they currently are. Going to move them back up to the upper position out of common sense I guess till I figure this out. I just assume if its only using half the bandwidth, then I'm not getting what I could be out my gpu. I'm just wondering if Nvidias drivers are messing this up?
  11. Just to check, I just moved the 6 jumpers (3 and 3) down to the sli pins. It apparently makes no difference as it still shows 8x. I didnt think it would even detect the gpu with them down there. Still stumped. :confused:
  12. Switched over from my eVGA6800ultras in sli to the single eVGA8800GTX and I did move my jumpers up to the top pins for single vga. But am confused if the 8800 is really running at 16x. Could someone with a DFI-SLI-DR motherboard and one of these cards check to see if its in 16x mode? Or does 16x only work with two gpu's? I didnt think about checking this before I took my ultras out. The manual (page 19, bottom paragraph) says it should be running 16x with one card in PCI-E slot 1. I've got both sli 12v rails plugged into it like it should be, and appears to be running fine (no lock ups at all so far). So, I'm just trying to figure out if its the gpu, or my DFI board. Thanks, T.T.
  13. Same here. Mines running fine with my noisteaker 600 watter. But I'm not really planning on going SLI with another 8800gtx till next spring.
  14. I ran across that problem one time trying to solve that issue on a friends pc. I googled it and found over 100,000 reasons why it happens. We never did figure it out. But he did install an el cheapo camera just before that. We finally took that boat anchor of an HP outside and promtply proceeded to fill it with 12 gauge buckshot. Try googling that phrase, then get ready to lock and load heheh. Sorry I cant help you though.
  15. Thanks for the reply General. 99% sure they are on correctly, but will check again to be sure. And yup, moved all six of them up to the top pin set. ...Edited... Tried the newest version of CPUZ. and it does show the correct "supported" speed, but still an showing 8x inteface. Hope one of the gurus here can confirm if this is correct for my mobo. Thnaks guys.
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