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Will not POST

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When hiting the power switch on the main board, all I get is the standby and memory LEDs.

Also all the dianostic LEDs flashes one time and the PSU fan turns for a second at power up.


I have the board configer like the pictorial with all 4 power plugs and reset the DIM and video card still no luck.


DFI LanpartyUT SLI D

BIOS ? (don't know It's a used board from ebay :eek: )

opteron 165

2x OCZ 1024MB Platinum Edition PC-4000

Biostar GeForce 6200

OCZ GameXStream 700W

win 2k

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If the clear cmos does not help, remove your gfx card and power the pc.

What happens?


If there is no change, the board my be damaged.

(Ebay user have 100% positive feedback?)


Or your power supply is shorting out for some reason.

(remove board out of case/off motherboard tray and power it on a flat non-conductive surface [with all the bits in])

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Thanks Tasr and Sharp I trided your advice, but it still wont come to life :drool: . I even reseated CPU and trided safe boot.


And Sharp that no good ebay seller only has a 99% rating :mad: .


Does anyone got any more ideals before I order another board?

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