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5.1 sound problem

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Hi, I have always used 5.1 surround sound but have never got it to work right. I used to use a Sony home cinema kit connected via the S/PDIF and set to Digital output. I used to get 5.1 when watching a DVD and in some games but it wasn't very good (sounded alot better when connected to DVD player). So I got some Creative 6060 5.1 speakers thinking that buying speakers that where meant to be used with a pc might help.


Guess what it didn't.......


I now only get 2 channel sound plus the centre speaker. I have no front to rear spilt. (just left to right). I have checked all the connections and they are in the right places. I have also got everyany set to 5.1 in Windows.


My mate has the same speakers but on a different mobo and his works fine.


What the hell am I doing wrong???? :mad:


PLease help,



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Uninstall the realtek drivers if you are using them.


Install the nvidia audio drivers, bundled in the chipset drivers.

Then run nvmixer and do the following.


To enable BASS you must tick LFE

For rear you must tick clone




(STEP:5) How to enable the center speaker


- Click on the start menu >Run

- Type: regedit

- Ok


- In the registry editor go to EDIT (top menu)

- Find

- Type: createcenter

- Find next


- Double click on Createcenter

- Change Value data to 1

- Ok

- Exit

- Now restart the PC


Center speaker should now be enabled, should it not work check the registry again.

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There is no Dolby Pro Logic on the nVidia setup. Not sure where you got that info but it is wrong.


Have you gone through the Speaker Setup to check each speaker and the exact setup you have?


The Center Channel and the Subwoofer are on the same plug. Make sure the plug is fully into the jack.

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Yeah thats the odd thing, in the set up all the speakers work. Yet if I listen to music, watch a DVD or play a game no center speaker. I have used or sorts of programs to watch a dvd and all the setting are set to 5.1. One of the programs I have used (cant think which one, tired so many) even put an icon saying 6 channel audio ( which I guessing is 5.1).


I have gone back to the realtek drivers and the center speaker works but all the speakers play the same sound.


What am I doing wrong :confused:




The pro logic thing I was talking about in an earlier post was from a mate of mine who has a Nforce2 system and in the NVmixer it has a check box for Pro Logic.

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