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Urgent help needed with Lanparty Ultra-D!!!

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So I had some OCZ Gold VX RAM that got fried because my PSU 5V rail was red. So I fixed that and sent in the RAM for an RMA. Got back a 1GB Platinum edition kit from OCZ. Dual channel will not work, only single channel, but with both sticks. So I send back the RAM for another RMA and they are nice enough to give me a 2GB kit! Unfortunately dual channel still does not work. So I decided to test the motherboard. Here is what I did with a friend's system. He has a Athlon 3500+, the same exact motherboard as me, and a dual channel kit of 1GB OCZ memory. All attempts are in Dual Channel configuration.


1) Put friend's RAM into my orange slots. NO POST, same old 3 red LED's.

2) Put my RAM into his - POST

3) Put his CPU into mine with his RAM - POST

4) Put his CPU into mine with my RAM - POST

5) Put my CPU into mine with my RAM - POST! (tested 3 or 4 times by shutting off/on and clearing CMOS jumper)

6) install my heatsink (before this I would immediately shut off after 3rd LED went off to avoid heat buildup) but did not change anything else - NO POST (3 red LED)

7) Reseat CPU again - NO POST (same deal)

8) my cpu into his with his ram - POST

9) my cpu into his with my ram - POST

10) my cpu into his with his ram (again to be sure) - POST

11) my cpu and ram into mine - POST again

12) install heatsink - POST!

13) After finishing rebuilding, no post in dual channel. ONLY single channel. ???


So I RMA'd the board to DFI. Donna says they found some scratches, and that they were fixed and the motherboard was sent back tested. When I got it back, I was having the same problem. So I payed to send it back to DFI AGAIN after talking to Frank Wong via email, and now they are telling me the motherboard is working in their lab. What is going on here?

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