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  1. I know, so bad. But so far both vid cards and everything is A-OK. I'm hoping it was a cable...
  2. Since rebuilding today to clean and do SLI mod, my CPU temps have gone from 38C at idle to 70C at idle. However, now the temperature does not change between idle and load, indicating a sensor problem. I had ITE smartguardian uninstalled for a while (I remember it would always idle at 38 and go to about 55 in load). After rebuild I reinstalled to check temps and it says 71! What does this mean?!?
  3. I had actually meant that they applied epoxy to the connectors in the NF4 where you make the connection for SLI. However, I managed to scrape through it, only to find the connectors weren't even there at all! But I drew a line where I thought they should be with a #2 pencil, and it worked! I couldn't believe it, I thought I might have even broken the chipset by scratching at it like that, so I was happy it posted at all. And now I have an SLI-D!!! Unfortunately, I still don't have the power cable. I tried using the molex connector from the motherboard with a reversed cable from my modular power supply (the end that hook's into the PSU is the same plugs as the PCI-E power plug), and when I turned on the computer, I smelled burning :eek2: Everything is still working fine though, just have to wait to get back up to school to get that power connector. Just goes to show you how easy it really is to mod these boards, even after the measures NVIDIA took to prevent it.
  4. Doesn't matter anyway, my Ultra-D got replaced a couple of years ago with a new one under warranty and they sent me one with no SLI bridge connectors. Anyone got an SLI-D for sale? :sad:
  5. I bought a 7800GT thinking I could mod my Ultra-D. Turns out there are no SLI connectors on the chipset. So I need to track down an SLI-D. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the advice. It's going to take a lot of discipline to not pop that in for the ending of BioShock...
  7. My main question is whether it is safe to try to use it without the extra power connector...I don't want to fry my PSU and/or the video card(s).
  8. I bought an extra eVGA 7800GT from ebay, and the guy didn't ship it with the 6-pin pci-e power connector. I have heard this is just "supplemental" power, so would it be safe to try to run it without this? My BFG has the connector in already...
  9. Do you believe it's the CPU or the PSU? The orange power lights do not come on at all on the motherboard, which (as far as I know) should not require a CPU or RAM to be on. I am going to test with my friend's rig soon....
  10. No luck unplugging the PSU. I ripped apart the system to have just the mobo and PSU, and still no amber lights. I need to get help from a friend with a similar setup..
  11. My computer shut down at 11am, I was not even using it. Afterwards, the amber power LED's on the motherboard are not lit. Obviously the computer will not start. Any ideas what might have happened? PSU / motherboard issue?
  12. Clockgen shows the pci bus frequency, but it does not scale up with FSB. Is there anyway to change it with an Ultra-D? I think it will help my 15k.3's burst transfer rates
  13. I'm having the same problem. 2.93 stable from 1.52v but up to 1.6v still not prime stable.
  14. When I first got my 148 it would do 3GHz stable with 1.57v, unfortunately this sticky was not around then. I upgraded the cooler and have had to replace it several times. Through doing this the thermal conductivity was compromised and the temperatures went up a few degrees. Now 3GHz is not achievable at 1.57 or even 1.6v. I can do ~2.95, 2.97 maybe at 1.6. Case flow is excellent with 120mm panaflo, 2 x 60mm vantec's as exhaust and a 120mm scythe fan as intake, with a filtered 5.25" bay open. Any suggestions to help me get into the club? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks it's much appreciated. Can't wait to get my rig working 100% for the first time since February...
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