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Oced A 2400+ Have Questions.


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hello. i have read the forums and they are great. i have OCed my athlon XP 2400+ thru the FSB and i am setting at 141mhz FSB and my 2400+ is running at 2115 mhz.

Sandra 2004 says my CPU multiplier is 15x

is this multiplier right/ok? i dont see anywhere to change the multiplier in the BIOS. i think it needs unlocked.

but the goal is to RAISE the multiplier right. so since i am at 15x i should have a multiplier that is high enough.

my Vcore is 1.71V


the system is VERY stable.

these are my temps.



IDLE: 32 C



my board is the giga-byte GA7vaxp KT400 Apollo @333mhz

GF FX 5600 ultra OCed from 400mhz clock to 450mhz.

1GB 512x2 DDR2700 Centon ram not OCed.

Thermaltake Volcano 9 @ 5300RPM

Arctic Silver 3 Thermal compound


SO my question is this. at 15x multiplier i should be able to OC my FSB more correct? should i keep going on the FSB and just watch temps?

on Sandra 2004 Burn In my CPU temp never went over 38 C

So whatcha guys think? with 15x miltiplier CAN i go further with FSB?



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how did you get your multiplier down? i cant seem to find anywhere to adjust that in the BIOS. i see you have your 2400+ at 2.3. thats sweet man. id like to get mine up there.


also in my bios it has a section for DRAM clock freq. it has 133<266>

166<333> and 200 for settings. since i have PC2700 DDR at 333 should i set the 166<333> value or leave it to AUTO?

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my best guess is the reason u cant change your multiplier is cos of your mobo chipset. most cpus come with a locked multiplier. u are using a kt400, the only way u can change the multiplier with that is to manually unlock the cpu. if u dont do it and increase the fsb, the multiplier will remain at 15. if u use a nforce2 mobo, it automatically does it for u, u can immediately set the fsb to 200 and work the multiplier from there. as for your ram, set it to auto or 133, your ram speed should not exceed your cpu fsb. if u dont change your mobo, pc2700 is fine, however if u decide to get an nforce2 mobo, u should consider pc3200 dual channel ram.

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