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eVGA 7800GT / NV Silencer 5 rev3


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Someone go SLI !


eVGA 256-P2-N515 7800GT w/ NV Silencer 5 rev3 installed w/ AS5. Very quite and cool


I clocked 500/1100 - 24/7

Benched 520/1200 artifact free (may go higher, but I didnt feel the need) 3Dmark05 - 8203 (your OC may vary)


Comes with all accs/wires, orginal box, 2 DVI-VGA and stock heatsink.






:nod: pending :nod:


I will throw in an Evercool VC-RE with purchase!




Heat: Wangerin

ebay: timothyrwangerin


Shipping: US Postal Service Priority Service, D.C and insured. (CON-USA only)


Payment: Paypal is perferred, M.O. accepted. I will send detailed payment request to your paypal email to confirm.


I will entertain offers, but will sell to the first person to meet the posted price.


PM me with questions



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