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Rebooted, now system wont boot.

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I finnaly managed to build my system back up last night, after waiting the while it took to recieve back my RMA Mb. I managed to get to the point where i installed XP pro, even booted up into it but when i checked system properties it showed i only had 1 Gig of ram installed so i decided to turn it off and double check my ram.

So i turned it off and left only one gig in closest orange and now after trieng to turn it on, it wont the debug lights show the 2 middle lights on, it starts at 3 directly to 2 , and when i reset it, it goes directly to 2.

No beeps where made.

All fans are working correctly including PCI card one.

My monitor doesnt even show anything almost as if its not connected.

I tried switching my ram around in all orange slots.

Put my PCI card in a different slot.

Tried a cmos clear for 10 minutes, all without success

Please help,really frustrating all around experience in my first build :(


EDIT: Did an extended cmos clear(took battery out disconnected everything that conducts electricity from MB and left it like that for hours) now i managed to pin point the problem.

When i have a memory stick in the orange slot closest to my processor my system wont boot but only having one memory stick in the furtest orange slot away and my system boots up normally..

I tested both my memory sticks so theyre both functioning.. what could be the problem.

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Some people with opteron CPUs also have this problem which may indicate a poor memory controller.


Make sure all the power connectors are plugged into the board.


What happens if you use the 2 yellow slots?

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Guest Retratserif

Mabye your slot 4, the closest orange slot is busted. I doubt it, but thats a chance. Try the yellow slots, start with one stick in the furthest always, then both in yellow. Also, did you loosen up your timings yet?

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