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  1. Flipped them but noticed its either constantly blinking or off(never solid), even if im not touching pc. You meant turn over as in flipping them around instead of actually putting them in upside down with wire touching entrance to connector right ? I hooked up HDD-Led2, would i need to connect hdd led1 insteador just leave those disconnected. Could i hook hdd-led to the speaker connectors right by them, what type of connectors is that used for anyways. Finnaly is hdd-led 2 referring to the HD plugged in Sata Port2 ? thanks for reply.
  2. Dont know if im crazy or not but i think before i would get speeds in low 7k when i had my fan turned all the way up through smartguardian and now I only get about 5.6K. Dont remember if this happened after a format or not but any ideas, or what other speeds are you guys getting with this.
  3. Im using DFI LanParty Ultra-D with my p180 case. I never had my reset connector hooked up(at this time my power led was working) so i opened up the case disconnected all the connectors reconnected them and my reset is now working. But now i have followed the book and even connected them in a different spot but i cant get my Power led and my HDD-Leds to work which never have anyways. Any ideas...?
  4. yeah i know it will change, but before i applied compound it was 175-216 faster through idle and peak, and its already set to fastest speed on smartguardian
  5. Will give it a little to settle in , before i will know somethings wrong. Any reason why my zalmans rpm is a couple hundred less though after applieng ceramique?? Could it be, because im facing the fan a different way?
  6. only a couple hours, i knew it took a while before it set completely but i thought i would nottice an immediate change compared to my other compound after applieng it.
  7. After installing the evercool my chipset temps are now about 6c colder then before. After removing the zalmans heatsink compound and applieng the ceramique to the processor i notice my temps did not change, if anything maybe a little hotter. I also noticed now my temps jump up about 5C real quick just from opening up opera then jump back down. My fan is spinning a couple hundred rpm less then before also, and i have no idea why that happened. Only thing i changed besides that is i turned around the zalman to have the fan closer towards the front of the case instead of by the exhaust fan. Edit: i did put more ceramique on the chipset then on the processor Any ideas??
  8. I looked at the instructions over at arcticsilver for this, but just wanted to make sure. I'm suppose to put a small mound on my zalman heatsink and also a 1/2 size of a bb pellet on the processor as well? I purchased a 2.5G ceramique, would that be enough to use on my processor/zalman and my evercool vc-re ??
  9. definately get the 3800x2, for one the new batches 89w are easily overclocking i have mine at stock volts stable at 2.5. I also enjoy knowning i can burn or encode a dvd at the same time i play a game. I would never go back to single core.
  10. thanks oll, isnt the stock chipset fan suppose to spin at a max of 5800rpm though, according the smartguardian mine is spinning at 7300 atm and its only at 43C?? and for whatever reason now my cpu fan speed spins at 100rpm less on idle and slider is all the way to max.. wierd.
  11. also my fans get as high as 2900s for zalman and 6500s+ for chipset, is that good ?
  12. thanks, i downloaded smartguardian and it automatically made my zalman and chipset fan speed increase , i can actually hear them now and my temps dropped, its suppose to do this?? Would any problems arise from running both my fans at full speed for hours? I will start overclocking more once i get my as5, and see how temps are then.
  13. thanks, thought they were a little high especially with only a 400mhz overclock. So what is the max temp my motherboard can reach before it isnt safe? And if the northbridge refers to where the fan is on the motherboard, what relates to the motherboard temp ?
  14. I am running a torture/blend test on p95 and on test4 4000 using 1024k fft everest is reporting these temps Motherboard 53C CPU 42C Northbridge 48C GPU Diode 49C Seagate 39C My x2 is on stock volts on 240x10 multi, and was wandering if those temps are acceptable. Motherboard temp seemed high or what would its max ok be ? thanks
  15. wierdly i just noticed that it wasnt placed inside where you select cs,master,or slave, but in the pins beside it, which arent even for that(dvdrw was bought new)! how it worked before most of the time i have no idea... My other drive was also set to cs i set it to master, and this one to cs, so somewhere along those lines its working atm.
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