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GA-K8NSNXP & MSI why same Chip dosent work in both.

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Not sure where to post this as it is not either DFI or Intel related but could have happened in DFI or Intel situations. And no one is helping me on another Forum.



I have a GA-K8NSNXP Board

and I have a MSI K8N Neo2 Board

I have a AMD 3500 cpu

I have a AMD 3200 cpu


The 3500 will not work in the Gigabyte board but will work in the MSI board. The 3200 will work in both. I have cleared the CMOS settings for the boards to default. Still a no go.


The 3500 used to run in the gigabyte board and then I put in a Opteron 144. I made no changes what so ever. Now when I put in the 3500 I get the Blue Screen of Death. What can it be. Hopefully it is more complicated than I see. Maybe I am just tired.


Everything is set at auto such as voltage and what ever default makes it besides changing boot sequence and such.


ANY SUGGESTIONS?????? Almost sounds like a Math question.

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