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The strangest thing about my onboard sound

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This doesn't matter to me at this point since I got another sound card but I thought I'd share anyway


When I built this pc 2 years ago I didn't mount my dfi nf2 board correctly in the case and it wouldn't detect any hard drives. After mounting it correctly everthing was fine. But the onboard sound had some serious problems. Whenever I wasn't playing a sound file or watching something with audio, I'd here this high pitch annoying sound. I would also hear noise when using scoll bars and min/max windows.


After installing the 5.10 drivers things got even weirder.

The system part of my registry grew and grew to the point where it won't boot no more. I had to reinstall XP a few times a months. Or not reboot for weeks or more.


I bought an audigy 2 zs and it sounds way better than the onboard sound. if only windows registry's codec setting didn't break so easily.

I wouldn't be in linux as much.


So make sure you mount your mobo correctly or u will pay for it later, literally.

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