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having some weird issues with my com

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my max cpu oc was 2.9ghz and i decided to downclock it to 2.77ghz and run 9/10 on my rams.


i noticed everytime i tried to run prime95 or the Johhny GO it would run fine for a while but not over time. when i came back after a few hrs the screen would be blank and there's absolutely no indications of what happened. event mgmt didnt say a word.


sometimes whne i am just using firefox and the com would suddenly freeze up and give me a single beep before i had to reset the com. this had happened a few times and just now before going into bios, it kept beeping and nothing was on the screen. the lights for my optical drives and reset button kept flashing.


it was only after i resetted the com once more then i managed to boot up.


surely it's not unstable ? occt passes and prime too(try running it again)




would appreciate any help

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