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FS: Leadtek 6800GT AGP 256MB with AC Silencer


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I live in the Bay Area, CA and would prefer a local pickup. Below you will find the prices as shipped if outside of this area.

Shipping includes USPS Priority, UPS Ground, or Fedex ground with insurance to the continental united states. I'm not shipping outside of the US at this time. If you would like to expedite shipping please notify me before sending payment and all I ask is that you pay the difference.

Please allow 24-48hours to receive tracking information after I receive payment. I will notify you immediatly upon payment your est. shipping date, I mostly ship the next day.

All items below are used but in very good condition. I’m the original owner, unless otherwise stated below. They come from a clean home, non-smoker, and I made sure during its use that they were cleaned regularly with compressed air and were handled or stored with ESD in mind. Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional pictures or have any questions. Thanks for looking - John


Retail Leadtek A400 6800GT AGP 256MB (USED): 190$ Shipped ***Sold to Aztlan***

Used Leadtek 6800GT AGP version. Excellent card and runs a conservative 400/1100 overclock at standard GT voltage. I'm sure with a little effort this will go higher. I'm the original owner of this card and I purchased it in August 2004. The card for the last year has ran at stock speeds with an Artic Silencer with very little use. I'm replacing this card with a low end radeon 9500 since I do not game on this machine.

All items pictured with the Leadtek will be shipped with the card. (Pictures to Below). Items are: Retail Box, Manuals, Driver CD, DVD Software, Prince of Persia, Spliter Cell DVD, original copper cooler, and Artic Silencer.

Please note this comes with the original 2 Slot Copper Cooler (Standard issue for the Ultra Models). Cooling is excellent and quiet but people limited on space may want to take note.







Retail DFI Ultra Infinity with 1700XP (USED): 75$ Shipped ***Sold to Spacebadger***

Used Nforce 2 Combo. I'm the second owner of the mobo and CPU. This combo was used in a second machine and has not seen much use during my ownership.

Mobo comes in retail packaging with Manual, CD, SATA cable, Firewire bracket, IDE/Floppy, and I/O Backplate.

Please keep in mind the south bridge heatsink was replaced with an aftermarket cooler by the previous owner to add additional cooling. Also heatsinks were applied to mosfet. Both of these cannot be removed and I would consider permanent mods. Please keep this in mind as the SB in particular may prevent installation of extended PCI cards.






Prefer non-cc Paypal

Heat under "LordGestle" 34-0-0

Email: lordgestle(at)charter.net

Paypal Verified

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