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  1. Snowpro


    Merger? Wow, holy smoking CPU's... I'm from diy-street Thanks for letting me sign up
  2. Snowpro

    Looking for used 737/939

    PM sent I have DFI Ultra D, $80 shipped, I'll throw in a basic pci VC Need CPU, I have a couple? memory, got that too PSU, yep Lets make a deal..............
  3. Snowpro

    Need a new mb

    How about a DFI Ultra D PMed....
  4. Snowpro

    How to eat SPAM for dinner tomorrow...

    Spam................................... www.spam.com
  5. Snowpro

    AGP Graphic Card

  6. T ski have you checked Ace hardware? Dont hold your breath but I'll check tonight to see if I have any..
  7. Snowpro

    939 Sli Mb

  8. Snowpro

    2x 1GB DDR1 Ram

    I Have an extra set of Gskill HZ's PM sent
  9. Sure does look like Brett Favre, I guess the younger HillBilly days:)
  10. Snowpro

    good JOKE for ya...

    Why did the black guy wear a tuxedo when he went get his Vasectomy done? Because He thought, if he was going to be ImPotent, he might as well Look Impotent
  11. Snowpro

    Skill or OCZ 2G ram wanted

    PM sent I have a set of G.skill Extreme series HZ's for sale
  12. DVD's, I only use Verbatim CD's, I prefer Memorex
  13. Snowpro

    DFI or ASUS 939 SLI Mobo

    Bump-A-Ru I have a DFI Ultra D, modded to SLI PM sent