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  1. Merger? Wow, holy smoking CPU's... I'm from diy-street Thanks for letting me sign up
  2. PM sent I have DFI Ultra D, $80 shipped, I'll throw in a basic pci VC Need CPU, I have a couple? memory, got that too PSU, yep Lets make a deal..............
  3. How about a DFI Ultra D PMed....
  4. Spam................................... www.spam.com
  5. T ski have you checked Ace hardware? Dont hold your breath but I'll check tonight to see if I have any..
  6. I Have an extra set of Gskill HZ's PM sent
  7. Sure does look like Brett Favre, I guess the younger HillBilly days:)
  8. Why did the black guy wear a tuxedo when he went get his Vasectomy done? Because He thought, if he was going to be ImPotent, he might as well Look Impotent
  9. PM sent I have a set of G.skill Extreme series HZ's for sale
  10. DVD's, I only use Verbatim CD's, I prefer Memorex
  11. Bump-A-Ru I have a DFI Ultra D, modded to SLI PM sent
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