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Problem with my new components

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Hi! :)



In the course of this week the components for my new PC arrived (see my signatur, video card will be delivered tomorrow).


Unfortunately, following the initial build thread did not work. :(


If I try to power the components on, the following happens:

  1. Turn PSU on. Two orange LEDs light up on the board.
  2. Turn system on using the board's button. In about half of a second, the following happens:
    • All fans (CPU, PSU, Chipset) start to spin
    • Concurrently, the four red LEDs light up.
    • Then, everything turns off (including the orange LED near the RAM banks, the other near the red LEDs is still on)

[*]Pressing the board's power button results in the same behaviour again and again. :confused:

Right now the system simply consists of the board, PSU, CPU, CPU cooler, one RAM DIMM and an old PCI video card. I have plugged in all four power connectors on the board. I have also tried all four RAM banks without any difference. CMOS was cleared (I even removed the battery for about a hour). The PCI video card runs fine in an old system, as well as the PSU.


Concerning the board's manual, it does not reach the "CPU detected" state (three red LEDs). Did I get a defective CPU? Or can't the BIOS detect my new X2-Toledo? Or might the board be broken? :sad: Any other suggestions?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Thanks in advance,



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Guest thespin

Power off the pSU and try clearing CMOS with the jumper for ten minutes ... remember to replace the jumper to pins1-2 before trying again ...

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A friend of mine knows somebody who owns a socket 939 based AMD system. I hope this guy is willing to help me with testing the CPU tomorrow. I have read this thread just a few minutes ago, and it looks like there are other people having problems with their system, even if they use a "good" PSU. So this problem might also be PSU related.




I pressed the boards power button quickly several times in a row, and then the system went into POST! :) This solves my problem for the time being. Maybe the Seasonic PSU does not provide enough power immediately when starting the system - I will track this down further.


Thanks for your comments!

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