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8.5 multiplier


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I have my multiplier set to 8.5 and my ddr400 memory on the divider so that it 333.

My memory is overclocked to ddr490, and everything is stable. I read that is bad to do .5 multipliers, but everything seems to be working good. memtest shows that my memory is actually running at ddr490, so is it really not since I am using 8.5



always refrain from using half multipliers




"CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio

This is your CPU multiplier.. This times your HTTFSB is how you get your CPU frequency..


**Important note**

On all a64 systems it is not recommended to use half multipliers ( i.e. 8.5,9.5,10.5) because this will put your ram on a ratio which means it will be running slower then you think and not the same as you have your HTTFSB set to no matter what..


A quote here from Wild shows what happens to your ram speed when using half multis…


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It won't be at 1:1 synchronic mode... but it could work.


Half multipliers do not exist, they are a figment of your and the chipset's imagination... the AMD64 CPU doesn't know what half multipliers are, but the chipset can create them artificially, thats why it can create more problems than the ones it can solve. For example you booted and the RAM frequency was DDR490... reboot and check again and it could be diferent.


I would suggest using 8X or 9X instead.

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