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Plan to change DDR for my Expert with BH5

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After see some issue with TCCD600 ( OCZ 4800 elite ) with my expert i have decided change for some UTT-BH5.. i have some.. but pehraps someone can tell me if some issue had been identified with this DDR:


- GB G.SKILL F1-3200BWU2-1GBGH DualChannel Kit ( can be OC at 260mhz 2-2-2-6)

- Team Extrem PC4000 2-2-2-5 ( at 500mhz!!) UTT BH5 IC

- OCZ Gold 4000VX 2-2-2-8


Is this DDR kit's wotk fine in Expert..?? ( for OC my Opty around 260-270x12..)

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