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  1. Ok my bad ... i have not look correctly your first screen.. you talk about core.. use this software,... Core temp permit control directly the real inside temp for each without use the motherboard thermal offset.. certainly the most accurate soft you can find.. http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/CoreTemp/ Actually i don't know if speedfan report well this temp, if the thermal sensors are same (ITF8xx) of the DFI NF4, the layout of the board is clearly different, so if it's take another temp (like voltage regulator ) it will show it under a bad name.. .. but you can see it's write like "Core".. now launch the soft core temp 0.93 during a stress test: Just look if speedfan report same of this soft. It's support all dual core CPU's, so you have a temp for each core..
  2. You can use SmartGuardian too.. but the temp you are talking about is the PWMIC, in real the zone of voltage regulator for CPU and DDR.. install a fan on for refresh the little cooler "aluminium" you see near the ATX pin.. you will get a big surprise see this decrease of 10°C.. but 50-60°C is not dramatic.. For HDD, i have 2 Hitachi SATA2, and Smartguard allways give me 31°-33C for them max..
  3. I think you talk about 63°C for the PWMIC? in this case or for the chipset himself you have solutions...use a 120mm for the PWmic, just put one for extract heat over the little cooler.. for chipset, i use a fan blow air in direction of the fan, i have just put it on the down of the case in direction of the GPU... all for chipset and PWMIC close to 33°C in idle.. the PWMIC temp max out at 40°C after hours of stress test, Chipset max around 35-36°C.. (Impedance for LDT all at 31, each voltage SB/NB LDT up..) CPU naked IHS..
  4. I know that, i wait since some weeks now my X1950XTX Crosffire edition... really wait is killing me... The Asus will certainly be fine.. there's no real difference.. some model go higher for max clock in OC or are not coldbuged.,.. but all depend if it's really your need.. I m affraid to need say there's many luck your PSU will not be enough... I know some peoples have getting prob with the Enermax liberty 620W... More cause the Amp is low.. a FSP Epsylon with 4x18A will be nice.. But certainly if you not try OC a lot the GPU's, the PSU will permit play in good condition, but i m not sure at all.. Try and if you have trouble, thing to the PSU first..
  5. I have no more get errors since i use the 7/28, the driver beta (fix) for the F6 install, and when in windows i use the driver added last month on DFI download site, there's the version 2.13 and 2.14, i use the 2.14 integrate and nothing to say more.. no error in the event viewers.. no more freeze at all too... ( need say too my HDD's in Raid0 are totally full, only some Go on each partition...)
  6. Just in case you need it, the download page of DFI site ( global english) have been updated with some driver: F6 1575 ULI, Smartguardian 32-64bit, Marvell Lan ,Audio drivers.. etc... I have not test any of theses cause i don't need it now.. but if you need it, take a look. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=US
  7. you say you are using the F6 disk delivered with the mobo?. have you try an other thing. i have use the 7/28, 16K, and F6 beta driver (last given for fix the prob.) then i have use the driver on CD for install the ULI.. no one freeze since many many weeks now.. Hmm yes, one thing when flashing the 7/28: i have use the clear rest CMOS technik by Happygames ( flashed in winflash 3x without reboot, then reboot, get off the batery, reflashed in DOS. then. BE CAREFUL: -VERIFY the thread of HG for this FLASH METHOD.. for don't do a mistake cause i say that by memory, and my memory can be bad... i don't think this last part is really needed too. need say i have the feeling Uli have perverted their driver.. cause i know more of 30 peoples using Cfire with same board, with Raptor in Raid ( new and old), same HDD as mine, and have never get any problem with it.. but they have use the first series of the board, buyed some days after release of the motherboard.
  8. For try see what happend.. What the full change on your sis.. you have switch for a X1900 and CPU from 4000+ to X2 4400,? the last score is with the X1800 ( i just make a compare in your sig) I have switch from a X1800XT PE ( flashed with Pe bios) and i have gain easy 2500 pnts in 3D05 ( the score with the [email protected] was higher compared to the X1800XT PE Overclocked, under water, at really high speed .. ( same CPU clock speed at 3080mhz, score 12'200K for the X1800XT -> stock 1900XTX actually with 6.8, ~12'500) you can't have a lower score from pass from the X1800-1900XT for sure, if it's this you have something wrong or the rest of your sys is not set like it should be.. ( attention to bad PSU... the X1900XT(X), go really high in Amper when benches, so an instability can a thing) The 3D Mark 05 is fully CPU dependant, if i use a CPU at 2.8 vs a 3.0ghz with same OC on GPU, same system, i loose easy something like 2-3fps in high peak, same if i use BH5 at 250x12 and use then DDR like TCCD at 275x11.., better result with high speed DDR can handle low timings. and the result at final is lower from 300-400 pnts easy Other: the CFX3200 is different of NF4, fo OC,for example the tref be set in auto in bios, it's give you offtly bad performance. you can leave the LDT at 5x even with 240..250mhz.. i try to don't pass 1300mhz when testing OC, but it seems many need only switch to 4x with 300x fsb.. the way for set DDR in full stability vs full performance are a little bit different of the Nf4, many setting look to you to short on the nF4, are here better. Edit: do one thing: install Riva tuner, and use the monitoring /log of voltage, core/memory speed temp, just let this run in backround and launch 3D05, with this you can verify if the GPU switch to 2D/3D mode or not..
  9. One ask about Vista and F6 driver ULI.... Is it needed on the install of Vista RC1 ?
  10. For the key: If you have use the Vista beta 2, you can use the same key or Microsoft send you directly a key by mail.. If not this version of Vista RC1 can be isntalled without the product key, only thing you need activate with a product key your version before 15 days fter install.. But: - the 7.09.2006 is the official public release of this RC1, so you can have a key at this moment...( just at time for the middle of the 15 days..)
  11. I have got the info this morning, and i have downloaded it.. prob no DVD RW right now, need buy one.. One ask perhaps one can know the answer: - Is ULI driver is needed in install of Vista, ( or supported by default, ) and is ULI have do a driver for Vista right now?
  12. I have buy 4 days ago a X2 4800+ ( CCBWE 0605 ).,. Problem i was sure be able go easy on 3.02 - 3.06 ghz.,.. under water.. (some X2 3800+ do better under air..lol) I m surprise to see the X2 seems not like more of 2.9ghz.. I have the CFX3200-DR and the DFi SLI DR here ( an Expert too.,.) do you think the X2 work better on some mobo? My actual OC: 262x11, 1.66V ( DDR 1:1) with my Corsair at 3-3-2-6 1T.. I test now 265x11with prime 95.. I can boot at 270x11 but it s not stable.. for the moment.. cause it seems begin like be OC higher day after day.. under water temp. are 23-25°C idle ( i can imagine a -3+3°C difference with reality on the CFX , it's mot the Expert with his temp bug but....) so we will say 28-30°C.. max i can get in full load is under the 40°C. ( 32-38°C even if i push the Vcore to 1.72-1.74V) The PWmic is too hot when dual prime running... need say i have got a prob at first install.. i have find my usual AS5, so the shop have only a crap nano thermal grease... No indication for use this grease.. and i have been surprise by a reaction wtih Air ( the thermal grease is solid first, but become extremely liquid then.,) result: - the grease have touch some pin of the CPU... i have clean them like i can.. but it will need perhaps some clean in more. Do you think this can be a cause of a less OC? and do you think i can get better result switching for my old DFI expert or the SLI DR?
  13. I m sorry to say, i have got the same prob.. but strange thing, after resintall teh Win XP SP2 ( full format, no files keeped), all have been fixed.. Is it the one come with the DFI install CD, or have you take this one on the site? ( i can't remember what version i use.)
  14. I have do freash install today, ( new CPU), so this time i have install the 2.14 ( DFI cd install),.. it just for see, cause in real i have not get the errrors during along period after first install..and perhaps i have use this one.. will see..
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