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No Power to USB Ports

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I finally got my system stable by buying a larger better powersupply. I was playing a game and then all of a sudden my keyboard and mouse went dead and the computer froze. First I thought it was just a random glitch so I restarted the computer and they still wouldnt come off. So i did some searching and tried to move them to different ports (all on board) and you can hear the sound from windows but it cannot recognize them and is not powering them. After installing SP1 updates and DFI drivers to no avail, (i did try to uninstall the device driver and have windows detect them, but windows could not find required software to reinstall them) So in a last ditch attempt, I reformatted my main hard drive and there still isnt power to them.


Is my mobo broken? Is there a short? should I get another one? I don't know what to do!

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