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  1. im tempted....just to have as a back up card, or to use it in a budget build...
  2. also to add to what praz said, the x38 chipset has pci-e 2.0 (added bandwidth)
  3. yes. always consider other options dfi always has the best tweaks in the bios for oc'ing
  4. the x38 will be out on sept 24
  5. lolz, it (the demo) gets released 1 day after intel launches the new x38 chipset. besides, i know my rig can handle this game.
  6. got one coming from tank guys too, i am hoping to hit 450x8, or x9
  7. i have used my evga mobo since its release on nov 8th, and havent had any of the probs i have read about...luck of the draw for me i guess. i got rid of the asus ws pro, to me that board was horrible...but yet others have no issues and love it.... ...on a side note, i have heard very good thing about intels bad axe2
  8. cool, i do alot of ordering from the egg, so now i can help support my fav forum
  9. damn, your wife has a better gaming setup than i do....lol nice work man. ...besides, santa got me a new yamaha majesty 400
  10. yeah, i know but for the time i will just be running one 8800gtx....until the prices start dropping on video cards
  11. congrats to you and the wife...and yeah...moving sucks!
  12. could be many things, but most likely not enough volts to cpu and/or ram imho.
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