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DRAM Not Detected

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I have had this computer for over a year now, and now it refuses to run properly. I have the latest bios, and nothing is connected but the CPU, one stick of memory in the top orange slot , and the graphics. When I first clear the CMOS, the computer boots into the bios fine. If I select the option for exit and do not save, it will reboot fine, and get right back into the bios on the next startup. But if I select save and exit, it will refuse to boot, showing three LEDs on the diagnostics, even if I have not made a single change. I tried re-entering my tried and true, non overclocked settings (not a CMOS Reloaded load, I entered the values myself) and it will still show the three LEDs. I have tried reflashing to the latest bios, I've tried the safe boot jumper, I've tried both memory sticks, I've done everything I can possibly think of.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Two things:


1. >

Remove power from the system. Pull cord from wall if you must. Or from rear of power supply.


Remove the battery.


Move the CMOS jumper to clear postition (pin 2 and 3).


Move the speaker jumper to on position. Page 7 quick start manual.


Make sure you have a wired keyboard plugged into the PS2 port. Not USB in other words. USB to PS2 OK.


Leave the CMOS jumper at clear for at least 30 minutes.


Put ONLY one ( 1 ) stick of memory in ORANGE slot closest the top edge of motherboard.


Replace the battery.


Set the CMOS jumper back to normal (pin 1 and 2).


Press and hold down the "Insert" Key on the keyboard.


Apply power to power supply again WITH "Insert" key still pressed down.


Press the start/power on button on the rig. WITH the "Insert" key still pressed down.


When you hear the beep from the speaker. Release the "Insert" Key and quickly press the "Delete" key

and enter the bios and load optimized defaults. Save and Exit bios and reboot to enter bios to make necessary adjustments.


2. >

RMA the board...



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