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What 4pin to 6pin adapter do i want for PCI power?

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Although I already ordered this piece from zipzoomflt.com:





Im worried that i might need something more like this:





Is there a reason why one of them has two 4pin adapters at one end and the other only has one? Should i cancle my zipzoom order and get one with two 4pin adapters on the end. It just seems like if i could plug two 4 pins into it i would be able to get some more juice into the card and mabye overclock more. Anyone able to help me out on this?


PS. Both of these should work for a x1900xt correct?


Thanks a bunch

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I really, really think you should just get a nw psu man, a sparkle isn't that much money if you can't afford to get an OCZ or something...


That Aspire WILL fail on you. I have no doubts about it, you have a power hungry system there. You spent cash to get other components that are good, shell out a bit more to make sure they won't break when your PSU does.


And the adapter really should have been included with your card anyways...unless ATi is saying sometihng about PSUs that don't have the correct plugs...

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