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  1. I use ATI tool for fan speeds, and it works fine. I did reactivate both of those necessary ATI processes for overclocking in the CCC and it still didnt work. im not going to reinstall the drivers and CCC all over again, i just did that yesterday so thats not the problem
  2. I just did a test run on what you said about the CCC, i set the overdrive to the max, 690/800, which is what it recomended when i ran the automated clock detection utility, went into a 3d game, minamized it to half scren, was still playing around in the game, (everquest 2), but the current clocks were still on stock speeds, if i understand you correctly, should they have been on the overclock speeds untill i exited the program?
  3. what should i set the voltages to? i was told by alot of people not to mess with them unless i really knew what i was doing, so if you guys have a sure fire voltage OC setup that you know wont fry my card, i would be glad to hear it. PS. im using ATI tool for the fan speeds and it works fine, ive got it set to 100% fan speed once it gets over 60C so im good on cooling
  4. I dont think thats it because the requested clocks wont ever move no matter what i set the current or desired clock speeds to. i did run 3dMark05 with the current clock speeds set to alot higher than sock speeds, then at stock speeds, and the differance was so little in my end score i dont think it did anything at all. the card simply wont overclock no matter how i tell it to. also im on ATI tool beta 12 right now, but ive also tryed the latest beta release too which also didnt work.
  5. Update: The card is a powercolor x1900xt. I tryed using the catalyst 6.3 overdrive tool to overclock, but i set the desired clock speeds, but the "current clock speeds" never change no matter how many times i click apply, ok, or restart the computer. i tryed using another tool simply called "overclocker" and as soon as i hit the command to find the best overclock, computer crashed. Something has got to be set wrong somewhere, im just to inexperience to know where to look, anyone got any ideas?
  6. ive completly disabled ATI hot key poller and ATI smart, yet when ever i try to use ATI tool to overclock the card freezes or acts eradicaly.
  7. yeah both versions of ATI tool ive tryed do support the card, anyone know whats casuing my problem?
  8. As soon as I open up ATI tool, the latest beta version available, things start to go wrong. Sometimes ill just be using it for fan control, and it will lock up while im just screwing around on the desktop. Other times when im trying to overclock, as soon as I hit “find max core” or “find max mem”, the screen does a weird artifact flash for a second, works normally for a few seconds, then weird flashes across the screen start to show up horizontally in quick flashes spaced out by about 5 seconds. If I allow this to go on for a few mins the computer will also crash. Anyone know why this card is doing this to me? Does it need to be configured for over clocking somehow? It seams to be resisting any type of action ATI tool is throwing at it. How can I subdue this beast and bend it to my will? Card works fine with ATI tool closed and no OC applied. Just incase though I did do a clean driver wipe then install of the latest 6.3 cats. Also did a virus scan and every other thing I could think might be causing this. Anyone got an idea? Thanks
  9. ok i got the raid up i think, so im back onto my desktop, however the only thing i changed to get here was that one setting in PCI device control. after that it worked and I havent changed anything since. Now however when i first start up the comuter the graphics card (x1900xt) or what ever is causing the problem, flashes the screen with black a few times then works normaly. Also when trying to load ATI tool to see the cards temeratures i get: "The video card you selected for overclockin in ATItool does not seem to be used by windows. Visual testing has been disabled. To fix this, go to display properties, settings and enable monitor output of the card" And yes... i tried doing what this askes you too and didnt find anything out of place or unchecked that would be causing this problem. Im sure im a long way from getting back to where im supose to be, if anyone has some tips as to how i can get my system back to what it was before i did that stupid "load optamized defualts" plz let me know
  10. So i just want to spam delete after i restart, enter the bios, then set everything up again? this might prove to be a problem since im a n00b and have no idea how to set any of this stuff up... anyone have a quick guide or something i could use?
  11. This is what is on the screen above the "error loading operating system" message, which apprears at the very bottom of the screan. InternalPhy SATA1. Master Disk : LBA,ATA 133, 80gb InternalPhy SATA2. Master Disk : LBA,ATA 133, 80gb InternalPhy SATA1. Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability .... Disabled InternalPhy SATA2. Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability .... Disabled PCI devide listing ... Then a . load of numbers in rows and collums. Verifying DMI pool data .................. then "error loading operating system" Hope that helps...
  12. "Error loading operating system" This is what I get after I start up the computer, before i get to the desktop or anything. Im almost certin this was caused by the fact that I went into my Bios and selected "load optamized defaults". Before this it had worked fine, then right after i did this it brought up this screen. Its not the hard drives or their connections, it has to be this loading of optamized defaults. Heres exactly what happened. Im installing my new x1900xt. I uninstall all the old drivers. Restart into safe mode and run driver cleaner 3. Shut down, remove old card, install new x1900xt. start her up. She loads fine and im on the desktop and surfing around on the net for a bit before i realize i had forgotton to do what my friend had told me to, which was to: "Set Dual Slot configuration to disabled, Set GFX0 Link Width to x16, then go up to DRAM configuration and Set Command Per Clock(CPC) to disable" However, after a post on these forums i was told to: "just load optimized defualts" So i restarted, went into the bios, loaded optimized defualts, and saved the settings. Next time i started up, "error loading operating system".... what do i do!?
  13. So even if the current power supply i have right now works, you guys would recomend getting a better one? How much of a differance would it make in my performence?
  14. what does "load optamizes defults" mean? im new to all this stuff
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