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How is this?

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Alright guys, thank you for all the help. This is the last thing I want to know.


Everything in my sig is the same except for these new parts I will put a link up to.


( so I can use my GPU in slot 1 , not enough room with the 137mm before. )




How is that PSU? Havent heard much about Aspire ones... Would that be good with my board too? ( plus price )





I know the powerstream rocks, but I'm trying to save a few bucks.

besides the board, hows the PSU choices and CPU Fan?

Thanks guys.

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Guest Dynamic

I would suggest the OCZ PowerStream 520 since it has rail adjustments and a higher amp on the 12v rail. Also i don't think the SLI-DR would be any different in PCI-E spacing. I just looked up the SLI-DR and SLI-D (Which your Ultra-D can mod to) and there is no difference in space wise between the PCI-E slots. So i don't know why you would waste your money on that. If you do want space between the two PCI-E slots, then the Expert is the board, but if money is an issue, i would just keep the Ultra-D and mod it which i'll probably do in the near future with my NF4-D board. Also if your X800 PRO has VIVO you might be able to mod it with a simple bios flash.....



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My ultra D is Faulty, DIMM slots 3-4 dont work, also my current CPU fan is 137 mm... my GPU doesnt fit by 8mm... the fan I picked up there will fit like a glove.

( MY GPU has an aftermarket cooler, it dropped my Temps by 25+ degrees... thats pretty darn good if you ask me. ^^ )

( I am going to have two computers so its no sweat off my back. )

Is there any other good CPU cooler out there that isnt to big?

( I've looked alot but havent really found much )

Thank you for the respond about the card. I will be sure to do that after I get all my stuff together.


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