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I really like this board

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I've been using the A64 tweaker to optimize memory settings, the program for me is a great way of learning how different settings affect memory read, write and latency, after optimizing the settings with A64 I then go into the bios and enter these settings. Current Memory Timings@256mhz :nod:

CAS Latency (CL) 2.5T

RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 3T

RAS Precharge (tRP) 3T

RAS Active Time (tRAS) 7T

Row Cycle Time (tRC) 10T

Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) 12T

Command Rate (CR) 1T

RAS To RAS Delay (tRRD) 2T

Write Recovery Time (tWR) 2T

Read To Write Delay (tRTW) 2T

Write To Read Delay (tWTR) 1T

Write CAS Latency (tWCL) 1T

DQS Skew Control Disabled

DRAM Drive Strength Normal

DRAM Data Drive Strength 4 (No Reduction)

Max Async Latency 9 ns

Read Preamble Time 6.0 ns

Idle Cycle Limit 16

Dynamic Idle Cycle Counter Enabled

Read/Write Queue Bypass 8

Bypass Max 4

32-byte Granularity Disabled

memory Slots:

DRAM Slot #1 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

DRAM Slot #2 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

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Me too! I've got a 1 year old s754 A64 2800+ doing 9*260 at stock voltage. :nod:


BTW, when AMD release the AM2 socket, s754 prices will drop; so I was planning on getting a 90nm 256KB L2 Sempron with SSE3 and x86-64. I'm a little reluctant, because only the 3400+ guarantees this. There are five 3100+ models to gamble and my trusted etailer doesn't display the OPN codes.


Should I test my luck?

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