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Best place to put temp. probe on AMD 64?


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Well, i cant really find the correct answer and hoping it would be fine to post a new thread.... if im wrong, please direct me to the correct thread and lock/delete this :) thank you very much......


I have the compunurse temp probe.



my board is the INF SLI, and got a venice3200+ on it. On top of that, is the giant Thermaltake Big Typhoon....


on the instruction on the box, it said DO NOT APPLY FORCE TO THE PROBE! so i cant really just squeeze that thing between the A64's IHS and BigTyphoon's heatsink. so all i did so far is to jammed the probe on the BT's heatsink above the heatpipes, tehres some slot where the H-retention bracket rest.... but it doesnt really read the correct temps im afraid, since the heat was transfered thro the heatpipe first, thus the copperplate above the heatpipe has slightly cooler temp and takes longer to cooldown...


and ive been watching AG's guide on removign the IHS and ive been very interested in doing my Venice.


Now the question is, what path should i take? :D should i try squeezing the probe anyway? should i open up the IHS and slide the probe inside until it touches the core? or if u open up the IHS and just leave it out, the BT's heatsink will reflect the core' temp better so i can just stick the probe on the BT?


any ideas??



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