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Sata HDD question/Problem

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Hey, I have a Seagate 120GB Sata 3.0 HDD plugged into the first SATA port.


The computer runs fine. i scored a 57xx on 3dmark05 and i can run WOW on all high settings no problem. The only thing, is that my HDD shows up as a removable disk drive in the "safely remove hardware" wizard. I'm wondering if this is normal?


Also, When my PC boots up, when it goes to the screen after it says "LANPARTY" where it runs a check ( I think?) . It has my Hard drive listed as an "IDE 133."


This isnt right.... It says it's plugged into a SATA port but it says it's IDE....


Is this normal for our boards? If not, how can i fix it?


P.S. Yes i searched I couldnt find anything relating to my problem.

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