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915p-tag shutting down problem

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This system setup has always been a problem of shutting down on its own when I am doing work. It just shut down completely without any warning. It also sometime boots up on its own when I distinctively shut it down, 5 minutes later it would be on again in windows xp ?. When I use 1click dvd copy, it will always shut down after 3 to 5 minutes into the copy. I have so far replaced the power supply, changed the SDRam from 256 X 2 to 1 pc of 512 x 1. I have tried to use fail safe settings in the bios settings with no luck. It is not over heating as I use the original Intel hsink and fan. This problem also occur when first boot up in the morning when system is cool. I have modify and slow the timing settings for memory and it seem to help but still have same problem but would occur a little later in the copy process using 1clickdvd copy!. I have changed hard disk, reformat the windows OS and still it occurs consistently using DVD copy software. It seems to happen when a program compresses data , it would trigger the computer to shut down. I have no problems when I use Microsoft office software.

Thanks for any help

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You claim that it's not a heat issue but you never mention any temps you are getting. Compressing a DVD from an original dual layer to fit on a single layer is a very processor intensive operation which will heat up your processor. Original Intel heatsinks aren't that great at cooling, especially if the heatsink compound isn't applied properly. The default shutdown temperature in the bios may not even be the right shutdown temp for your processor. You may be able to set it slightly higher. Sorry, I can't remember the site I found that has the proper settings for this. You may also need more case fans for better ventilation.


I suggest using a monitoring program to watch your temperature, your mobo may have come with Hardware Doctor. To test it I use DVD Shrink because it can use 100% of the processor for an extended length of time. I'll have a full dual layer disc saved on my hard drive and compress it using Shrink to a single layer size into a different folder while watching the temp in my monitoring program. Also watch your voltages, it could be anything.


I believe there are three "Wake On" settings in your bios that can cause your computer to come on by itself. These may be turned on by default, I suggest turning them off. I had this problem with Wake On LAN, my computer would turn on simply by connecting my internet cable.

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