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  1. When I'm asked what to buy, I always suggest either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. I have a friend I play volleyball with, and all he uses is Taiyo Yuden.The reason I always buy Verbatim is because they're great discs and I can get the inkjet printables for a good price at the MicroCenter near me. To buy Taiyo Yuden I would have to get them on line, and after shipping they end up costing more.
  2. After testing with Nero CD/DVD Speed using various brand of discs, all I use now is Verbatim.
  3. Here's one about a cop that thinks he's overdosing on marijuana. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v327/jer...p_badweed_1.flv
  4. Over the uears I've noticed that only young people have favorite songs, movies, games, etc. As you get older your tastes change and you also have different favorites depending on your mood. After a while it gets to a point where there's just far too many to choose from. So don't be surprised that when you ask an older person what their favorite is that they just can't think of one, or they give you an answer different than what they said yesterday. Now when you ask what my favorite song is, it may not be my favorite right now but it would be one that has been in my top ten favorite songs for the past 35 years. Doors - L.A. Woman
  5. And I remember back when I used a Commodore 64 and thought a 5MB hard drive was huge and nobody would ever need that much. With a 4TB drive you could store hundreds of DVDs. You could even store hundreds of game discs as images and run them with a program like Daemon Tools. I already have over 400GB of MP3s and if they were ripped as wav instead then it would take up far more space. Memory requirements will always increase therefore you can never have too much.
  6. The way they create those is almost like cheating so they're not thought of as real artists, because they don't do it free hand from memory. You take a projector and shine the image on the sidewalk and then do a coloring book style fill in. Now when you place your camera in the same spot the projector was you have the proper perspective. But I still think it's really cool. :cool:
  7. Which ISP you can choose really depends on what's available in your area, each city is different. Sometimes it even matters which side of the street you live on as to what you can get. In my city we have two choices for cable, Comcast and WOW (Wide Open West). I used to have Comcast but switched to WOW. Now I get TV, internet & phone for the same price that Comcast charged for just TV & internet. I've had WOW for two years now and the price is guaranteed intil 2010 while Comcast keeps raising their prices every couple months. WOW has even been more reliable than Comcast, with less outages. I decided to go cheap and choose the 4m download speed, but when I test it then it's normally around 5m but never less than 4m. When I first got cable internet it was with MediaOne, then Comcast bought them out in our area. MediaOne's upload speed was 1.2m, and as soon as Comcast took over they slowed it down to 300k. When I had Comcast they always limited it right around what I payed for, and during heavy usage times it would drop below that. All I can say is that Comcast sucks in the Detroit area. I almost switched to DSL before WOW came along.
  8. News Flash Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants. The iTit will cost $499 or $599 depending on size. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them .
  9. I agree with thespin, most of time the symptoms you describe have to do with temperature. Most likely you didn't apply the heatsink compound properly and it's hitting the limit too easily. 2nd is that you may need to set the proper upper limit in the BIOS. You should clear the CMOS, but sometimes the default temp is too low for some processors so find out what yours should be. I haven't checked the specs and reviews on those processors, but your new one may run hotter and need more cooling. You may also need to upgrade your heatsink & fan, along with adding a few case fans. I would run a CPU intensive program while monitoring the temp, this way you can easily tell if each change is helping or hurting. The cooler you can get it to run, the better off you will be. I like to use DVD Shrink to load the system with because I can get it to run the processor at 100% for half an hour straight. You can watch the temperature rise and slowly level off after a few minutes. It's better to test it and actually see what happens under a full load then to have it shut down when you least expect it.
  10. I've gotten to a point where I just don't care anymore, so tomorrow is trash day and I'm tossing them. But if you think they're really worth something, you can take a ride up here and take them off my hands for free. I live just north of Detroit. I'll even throw in a few 15" monitors and some keyboards. But since you can pick up old computer stuff for free on Craigslist all the time, I don't know if it's worth the drive time. This stuff is so obsolete, it's not doing me any good.
  11. I was just saying that because I have a couple of those same cases in my basement right now. Mine have a sticker on the back just to the left of the PSU hole that says Gateway, they also have a build date sticker. I thought about using them because they're nice cases, but now I'm thinking of just tossing them out because I don't have anything worth while to put in them. It would also require me to cut a hole for a removable back plate with the Dremal. Those original motherboards had on board video, 4 memory slots, dual processors, and SCSI. I was thinking of keeping one for nostalgic purposes, but I couldn't figure out how to get the 2nd processor to be recognized.
  12. WOW, some old Gateway ALR-7200 server cases. When were those built, 1999? It's nice to see they'll be getting a 2nd life.
  13. Sorry I didn't realize you didn't have a case for your computer, and I'm tossing out 6 cases this Tuesday. Half of them are 10 bay cases with room for 4 optical drives. I don't think any of these would do you any good, they're Gateway proprietary cases where the holes in the back only fit the motherboard they came with. As long as it's working that's all that matters, even if it is in pieces on the bench. External drives are simply cases with internal drives mounted in them with an interface to convert to USB. I would lay money on the fact that you have a standard PATA drive inside of that case. As fast as USB 2.0 is, it's still not as fast as a standard IDE channel. This means you would get better performance from that drive if you removed it from the case and connected it directly to your motherboard. But then again, it's all up to you and how you want to do things.
  14. Why don't you install the DVD-ROM drive from the external case into your tower? Unless you have another computer you also use it with.
  15. I have two DVD-RW's in my rig. The main reason for having two optical drives is that it makes things a lot easier when backing up a disc. The reason I chose a 2nd DVD-RW over a DVD-ROM is that it was $1 less on sale. I guess supply and demand made the RW cheaper. I feel if you need the extra dives to counteract disk swapping then you should look into Daemon Tools, it's easier to just have the disc images on your hard drive than read them from optical.
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