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Problems with 2x512mb to 4x512mb of OCZ with defualt settings

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This is my first post so bear with my ignorance. I am having a system failure (windows blue screens and reboots or jsut feezes) after pluggin in another 2x512 OCZ Platinum rev2. The DRAM settings both before and after the addition of more ram are the default optimized settings. Everything seemed to be OK, Memtest86+ v1.60 ran for 9 hours with no errors, windows booted fine however, upon loading my current addiction (WoW) the system will crash everytime. Now usually I would immedatly assume video but NOTHING changed other than the amount of ram. Quite literally I powered down, poped the case, inserted the ram, powered up, WoW now crashes. I guess my real question is am I doing something wrong? Are there special settings for having 4 DIMM modules instead of 2? Power concerns? Timing issues?



Current Timing

2-3-2-5-2T Dual channel 128bit


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Since you don't know your bios version, I assume you havent updatet it, and thus, you should update it first. I haven't been able to get 4 sticks working, despite countless tries and bios updates. However, you should update to the latest bios, (704-2 or newer) and then try with 2T 64-bit, HT voltage 1.5, CPC disable, and lower other latencies just a bit. DFI is a classy lady with 4 sticks.

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