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  1. Hence the reason I love my Antech 900 case. I have the 120mm fan on the side blowing directly onto the video card. I should be okay for when I do the SLI mod to my board and throw 2 8800 GTS's in there.
  2. That power supply should be good enough, but right at the borderline. OCZ makes great power supplies and when mine took a dump on me, they were kind enough to ship me this 700 watt in place of the 600 I had. Good luck and post up your results when you get it up and running.
  3. Thanks for reassuring me I didnt screw something up. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding things correctly, and well, now I am sure.
  4. Call me stupid for not noticing this a while ago, but I just noticed that the Opteron has a 1000 HTT where as my A64 3200+ had 2000. To calculate the HTT multi, you took the ddr speed (200x2=400) times the HTT multi (400x5[default]) = the HTT of 2000. Ever since I put the Opty in, I had never changed my HTT multi of 4 when I had my FSB @ 250x10. That would have given me an HTT of 2000 on what should have been only 1000. The processor was stable, and still is at 277x10 with a 3x multi. Should I be running the multi that high? That makes the current HTT 1662. I can drop it to 2 which should bring the HTT to 1108 at the current over clock. Could it be what is holding me back from 2800? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. I guess I ordered the Vendetta instead of the vanquisher. Either way, I immediately saw a drop of 4C at idle and 7C load without burn in of the Tuniq X2. I believe it should drop some more after the Tuniq burns in. The HS fits very snugly against the lid, but I couldnt say for sure about a naked one. Good luck with your project.
  6. Well, I had the rig in my sig in that case until I upgraded it to the Antech 900 case. I figured this case had much better cooling than the one his computer was in before so why not let it breathe better. I will try your suggestion just to see what happens. If the computer boots outside of the case, I guess it could be a ground issue I would have to look into. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Interesting. I havent owned anything higher than a radeon X850XT before so that on gfx audio channel is new to me. Have you tried putting your driver disk that came with the card in and telling it to look at the CD for drivers? IE: First, install the drivers for Audio device on HD audio bus so it gets cleared out of the other devices category. It should be part of the sound card I think. Next Insert the CD that came with the card but do not autorun (cancel/exit setup) Go to the device manager and right click the ATI T200 unified device. Go to properties. Go to update driver Select a location manually Point to the CD and let it search the CD for a driver. If it doesnt find anything manually go through the folders on the CD until you find a folder that allows you press the OK radio button for that folder. Repeat until you have searched the whole CD for the driver. If that doesnt help, you should contact ATI tech support. Good luck and hope this helped.
  8. Yeah, I had pulled the board back out just to make sure. I actually took some of the posts out that were in there because the board had plastic posts in a few of the holes already. As I said, that rig was acting crazy before I did the case swap. But it worked and was stable. I am going to pick up a PSU tester before I hook up the new rig to make sure that the PS is good.
  9. I am shocked to not have gotten a reply on this web forums. In any case, I tried a long CMOS clear which did not help. My kid is going to luck out and get my A64 3200+ amd X850XT in it's place. I only had to buy a cheap 939 motherboard. I picked up an ECS KN1 Lite (V1.0) to get him up and running again.
  10. I just ordered the OCZ Vanquisher from Newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...cz%2bvanquisher It's relatively new on the markey but with a stacker design that has proven itself with other manufacturers. Combined with the Tuniq X2 and my Antec 900 case, I bet it will get my CPU to 2800 stable with some good temps to boot. My CPU is not naked, so I will not be able to tell you how well it seats, but I will be sure to post the temp differences.
  11. Unbelievably, this has happened to me again doing JUST a case swap, now on my spare computer, to the case I took my DFI rig out of. Components are as follows: NF7-S Rev 2 Athlon XP 3200+ Barton 2x1Gb OCZ PC3200 Platinum Radeon 9800 Pro AGP Antec Tru Power 2 450W power supply So basically NOTHING has changed but the case. First attempt at a boot and the system hung on me. I cleared the CMOS and the next few attempts at booting resulted in total power failure where the system just shut off completely. Fortunately I had a spare PSU (the tru power 2 listed above). I hook that up, computer boots up to windows prompt for chosing a normal, safe or last known good boot. I selected safe but it just froze. I unplug it, plug it back in and now it wolnt even POST. I have 1 red 1 green light on the motherboard when I hit the power switch, but I never get a beep. I pulled out one stick of ram, no beep. Put in the other stick of ram, no beep. Swapped video cards to a new PCI card, no beep. With no card in I get the series of beeps, with no heatsink on the CPU, I got the "fire alarm" two tone beeping. I reseated the CPU, heatsink and fan, still no beep. So is my motherboard jacked or could it be the CPU? Nobody I know has a spare processor or board to swap with. I am hoping someone can help by the troubleshooting results I listed above. Thanks in advance.
  12. OCZ is AWESOME! I received my replacement power supply early this morning. I sent out a 600W Game Xtreme and received a 700W Game Xtreme in it's place. Funny thing is, I have been kicking myself in the azz for not getting the 700 when I bought it and I got one as a replacement. Once again, I have got to say OCZ is freakin awesome.
  13. The clearance for the SATA connectors on my motherboard are the only complaint I have about my 8800GTS. I have 3 sata drives and only 4 sata ports so I cant use just the bottom two. I was able to squeeze the card in using standard SATA connectors and the top ports.
  14. I would clean the drivers using the following procedure: *Run all of the ATI uninstall utilities from the control panel. If it asks you to reboot, do not until you have finished removing all ATI components from the control panel. *Reboot the computer into safe mode (pressing F8 during boot up) *While in safe mode, run driver cleaner for all of the ATI drivers / catalyst / WDM *Reboot the computer normally *Install the catalyst control center with all drivers. Hope this helps.
  15. That's a good question and he didnt say. I would think I would get the same unit in return, no? If I get a PC Power&Cooling unit in its place, which model should I be looking for to ensure it is comparable to the OCZ PSU? Could I be mistaken with the name and it be one of their retailers? I will have to check my email again when I get home.
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