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Really weird problem

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All the games I have tried (Q4, NFSMW, farcry) all seem to work fine when my card is running at its stock speed (450/1050) but when I try and play any HL2 related game I get constant random crashing. This isnt crashing back to desktop or anything, but my monitor loses its display and my pc stops respoding but the PSU is still running. Before I had the Antec Truepower, I had a Neo HE 550w which also had the exact same problems which I am having now. The crashing stops when I underclock the card to 400/1050.


I have installed everything properly, all the 4 power connectors are in... the only thing I can pin point is that the XFX card I have has a 4pin molex instead of the usual 6pin PCI-E connector... but even then that shouldnt matter.


Tried different sticks of ram as well (GeIL and Corsair...all of which pass memtest running for 10 hours+) as well as only having 1 hdd plugged in (the boot drive)... still have the same problem.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Cant really start overclocking when I cant even run my system stable at stock :(

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