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  1. I have not CoreTemp instaeld, but I will insatal it tonight then we will see. Edit; I have now instaled CoreTemp and get some diffrent values, Room temerature about 20-21C. First Idle; C0 =37C C1 =33C C2 =36C C3 =32C Gigabyte Esytune6 showed about 33-35C C0 =72C C1 =68C C2 =69C C3 =68C Gigabyte Esytune6 showed about 61C Is this values normal? When should I be worried, I hav eread that it start down clock when core reach 99C so I guess this last question is how close is safe for the long run?
  2. New build showed to high temps? - Advice for temp/fan speed control program Hi, I upgrade my PC a week ago built on a Gigabyte P55-UD4 and a i5 processor (stock fan - will be changed later), everything works great so far without any issues so far. The only temperature monitoring I have is the one comming with the Gigabyte program that followes the mobo, until yesterday has the temp idle pending between 34-36C but yesterday it had went up to scary 100C idle = I don't believe this and I have seen it on other mobos but I don't understand it and I don't like it. In Bios the CPU temp showed -60C - yea right;/ (my old DFI did the same once only to be normal again after awhile and never be bad again). Well, after I restart the computer a few times it was back to 34C Idle - is it a bad sensor? Is there any other monitoring program that I can use to set fan speed with better then the program following with the mobo? I use so far "optimized defaults" in Bios, is there any security setting I can/must do to improve risks of frying the component? Thanks in advance
  3. [i get finally the Gigabyte P55-ud4 yesterday and build the computer and it booted into Bios without issues, it found both CD/DVD player, and HDD (as it should) - only one RAM in build at start up (old habit). The -UD4 was easy to build, everything was easier to reach then on my old DFI board, got loads of cables left on the table as well but It do not seems be anything missing on the build. Con, I doubt I would ever be able to use 4 sticks of RAMs as the ram comes to close cooler. I had planed to do Memtest but it seemed not be added on the Gigabyte Bios (DFI has it ), I will get a Memtest disk and try it tonight and set all settings manually. -So I head straight towards the XP install after I first loaded optimized defaults, set it to first boot from CD then HDD. I did tried install from my old XP SP1 32-bit CD and it didn't work so well, half way thought he initial setup when it still loading all drivers I got BSOD, pci.sys F748RoBF, and I have search the Internet for it and it seems be a common issue with old XP disks and new hardware, both issues with Sata drives and PCI-E 2.0. To my understanding may eventually a slipstream with XP SP2-3 solve the issue, and I will try to slipp stream one tonight but I have not much hope in it, the CD have followed my over several PCs but it is an OEM disk and I doubt it may allow me to slip stream it (have tried it in the past). -I am really frustrated as I don't want to buy a new XP as I think I will go for W7 64-bit soon anyway. Can I in bios turn off the PCI-E, and still use my Pci-e GPU card ( will it work in PCI mode)? Is there any other tweaks I should test with tonight? Many thanks in advance, Sam
  4. it's depending on the new platform p55 supported CPUs
  5. I orderd the -UD4...was thinking about it actually from the beginning only needed a few votes for Gigabyte Thanks all for the help.
  6. I think the -UD4 would suits, I tend to hold on for my builds so a little bit more features like eSata and firewire and I am still up for a swap to SLI later. The thing is with the -UD4 board is that I am scared with the massive cooler just beside the CPU - is it a problem for big after market cooler? - Would any of the better Noctua or any other good one (I need most likely a new even if I may start with the stock one)?
  7. Thanks for the advices, I leaning on the -UD3 or -UD4, the question is if I need the crossfire in x8 or not as well as eSATA but as said its up to me to decide the features I need, but still it not save me from a new CPU cooler unless I can't find an adapter. No comments the Asrock, the only one that might have saved me money (that I can put on the GPU)?
  8. Hi, I can need some help, background - I intend to upgrade current build with the new i5 but can't decide what brand I should go for concerning mobo, price is important (but of course quality etc). Today I have a Thermaltake Big Typhoon, it fits all socket except the new Intel - with a few exceptions. I have so far consider; Asrock P55 Extreme - good layout, old CPU cooler fit - BUT on the Swedish forum some says its very cheap component on and of poor quality. Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4 - about same price as the Asrock, good quality reputation here, good sound, few PCI ports, top one useless. Asus P7P55D PRO - the most expensive, good quality reputation here, seems have a good layout. I intend to go with ATI so maybe I would never miss the SLI function with this build, so if there are other cheaper but well good performing alternatives please give me suggestion - althrough in Sweden am I limited to the big brands like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and a smaller assortment of Asrock, DFI(my favorite brand before). - I will OC (but not hardcore) Many thanks in advance, Sammuel
  9. :eek: Nice proposal, back-up is good in deed...its done sir But my computer not behave odd in any way (AS LAST WEEK) am I more up for resolving it better then spend hours reinstall window (even if it definitly solve the issue)...maybe where I end after I manuly edit the registry :sad:
  10. Well last night wasn't that successful, manage to clean out some dirt and solved some registry issues but not what I was aiming for. For now have I left the Registry, if it is nessesary I will do it manualy. Registry Machine found a lot issues, sad only that program don't allowe me to delet anything before I done a deposit to their account - have nothing aganist to pay but I like to be able to try it first :=(( -> is it worth the money? Well I will continue tonight - good at least is that my computer appear stable now even with the error in the system log.
  11. Thanks for the help, I like the walkthrough about cleaning and I will following it tonight Last night I found the activity in the Admin tools that requesting the Panda to start and inactivate the activity but I couldn't delete it so it is still in the registry . I also inactivate Firewire and Marvell in bios, for now. Uninstalled Nvidia and wipe after all traces with Guru... (found link in thread from AG late last year). I checked the Admin tools system log, and the first error from Panda is gone (even if I so far not cleaned out everything) the second is still there, ShldDrv. I uninstall nF4 drivers, sound and GPU drivers, reinstall 6.86 (not the SW IDE) and the latest official GPU driver (not the latest beta as last time). And manually update Opengl32 after(known issue with ARMA). Tried some ARMA, and hadn't one single lag or freezing but I not played very long timeā€¦had to say hello to the friends;=) Did a few restarts, the black screen or freezes are gone during start up, althrough the Service Control Manager error still occur in the log file from ShldDrv. I did search on Internet on this issue with ShldDrv and it is Panda related as well (seems I am not the only one with this issue)
  12. Hi hope this is the right part of the forum, not sure really if it is XP, drivers, virus or hardware. Last weeks have I done changes, Change antivirus program Panda to AVG, and the nF4 drivers (6.86) including the IDE and latest beta force ware. Before gaming was not smooth, ARMA crashed almost every night, on support forum I understand that I am not alone with problems and newest drivers for GPU was strongly recommended before starting with adding start up extensions to reduse the games memory use etc (not get that far yet). Once I install new drivers I didn't really did a good job and I have sincerely problem with the drivers. I didn't clean out all old driver traces before I reinstall. I will try this clean up tonight - Once I reinstall the nF4 drivers should I also install the SW IDE ? But the strangest behaviour is addressing to Panda, a black screens/strange graphics occur shortly after start up, and freezes in games has been due to two in pair occurring Service Control Manger errors, where the first refer to a missing Panda Process Protection Service (surfed the net and found that this is actually PavPrSrv.exe it is looking for) the second error refer to ShldDrv. There has been also restart issues once with system error refering to 100000ea, that is as far I know GPU hardware or driver related and it hopfully will be solved after a driver update (cross my fingers) Please anyone, how do I clean out all Panda traces as it obviously still trigging activities in the computer? ####EDIT: I found a way to deactivate the resource questioning Panda to start so now am I down to one error at stat, still this borring black screen ### I have heard that there exsist a virus that camoflage to PavPrSrv.exe, could anyone recommend the best online scaners as my AVD not find any problem in the computer nor do Spybot or ad-adware? Last question, If I do a system recovery on an old date before the driver change...will I get the old drivers back? Thanks in advance, Sammuel
  13. Don't think Antec sell the 500W SmartPower anymore (not here anyway). EDIT The RMA is closed and I get a refund (generously;=) ), thanks Antec.
  14. I RMA the Antec, not heard anything yet, and tried with the Corsair and worked just fine so It is was definitely the PSU. I kept the 520W Corsair, it was largely cheaper then the 620W and according to Corsairs own website should it be enough for Q6600 and a single 8800GTS (or similar), I guess it would be more less the specification for my next computer. Well I need a new PSU soon anyway for my secondary computer so I buy I bigger one once I need it, so I am quit confident with my choice.
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