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NF4 "System" drivers disappeared? (Win98se)

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After using the forum search tool, this morning I added a comment to an older thread here because one early 2005 reply (copy att'd) included my search criteria, but it was a very long thread, indeed. I feel certain that a fresh new query is more likely to elicit some replies.


Originally Posted by ViperJohn

Other way around. Going from nVidia to ATI can be a nightmare sometimes when it comes to getting ATI card to work right afterwards. (SNIP.) Fortunately, I dual boot here with Win98 so I just used it to Zip up my entire WinXP install before contaminating it with the NV drivers. When I was done with NV cards I just deleted the dirty XP install and then replace it with the saved Zip file backup.

There has been a long-range plan for an A64 PC in the back of my mind for about a year, and I have reasons for dual-booting with Win98se and W2K. On the DFI website just a couple of months back, no longer ago than late August, I verified that the NF4 UT Ultra-D showed a set of Win98 Drivers. The actual assembly date is still some ways in the future (small PC budget), however, I picked up an OEM version of the Motherboard, and downloaded those Drivers I did find on there this week.


But there seems to be a "System Driver" omitted now. If DFI isn't offering that now, where can it be obtained?




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