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Correct Voltage Readings on NF4 SLI D

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Hi all,


Which of teh following gives clossest reading to the actual voltage being out out by the board:



Smart Gaurdian


CPU -z


I get slightly different values on teh three Windows based items and Bios is always around 0.02 to 0.03 v over the Windows applications. Which is a true reading or is more likely to be a true reading.



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Probably none. I only say that because it's a sensor. Best readings will come directly from a DMM. (Digital multimeter) Remember, voltages will differ from system to system, and the sensors will each read them differently. So, if everything seems close to the recommended specs and you're getting no problems at all, you should be fine.

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Guest edge130

If you are talking about the CPU core voltage, all I can say is that on my Ultra D, I used a Fluke digital meter to take measurements right off the board.

They are pretty dead on compared to the A64 VID voltage table that can be found on this site coinciding what you set in BIOS.


I've found that the dram voltage reads +.10 higher than is set in BIOS.


As far as the 3.3, 5.0, 12.0 power supply voltages, BIOS, mbm, ect. are all off considerably. Always use a reliable meter.

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