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  1. I got the game today. Gonna be figuring stuff out in a little bit. I tried to play it also, and the "Mouse 3" button for Zoom doesn't want to work with my DeathAdder. I'm not sure what the hecks up with that.
  2. Whoooa. Sorry for the lack of updates. I still need to get out and get the game. Ummm, I haven't seen anyone around at all. If the servers are empty, just join and people will follow. Changed Dustbowl into CTF_Well. Anyone down for some TF2? If so, you know where to go!
  3. I've never played a game like this before, but it looks freaking sweet. Just saw a trailer, and i'm hoping the game play is even more phenomenal. http://rainbowsixgame.us.ubi.com/vegas2/index.php Check it out.
  4. It's cool Travis, I'm gonna get the game anyway, since it's my box. Not your responsibility. But, it's also so i can play too. It sounds like a fun game. But donations and stuff for admin and all that would help greatly as i'm not always around, and it's to help keep the box up. I am going to install a bunch of other stuff, since I got a lot of IP's still, and it's a Dual Harpertown box, with 8GB of memory, and 6x 150GB Raptors. It does it's job well. I'll let you know what happens in the next few days.
  5. was searching around today for a standalone server, but that isn't available. I actually have to get the game in order to install server files. Punkbuster has to be installed, but you have the option of disabling it server side in the config file which loads at startup. There are also various other things that can be disabled so you can play with cracks and what not which do not get checked by a master server list. So you can patch alright for sure. Still working on tweaks and stuff to squeeze out every bit of performance. Trying to figure out the whole affinity thing and how it distributes that. Anyway that's my little update. I am currently typing this from my phone.
  6. 8 player Ventrilo. No password. Oh yeah, one more thing. If you guys can populate the servers, that would be fantastic. If the servers are empty, and you get a few people in each, people will start following and it'll get full fast. Need people to play cs_office, cs_office_extended, de_dust2, and the TF2 servers. 2fort #1 & #2, and dustbowl. so have at it guys! Edit: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/insomgaming If you got Steam, join the community and add me to friends. I'm the group admin, and I'm "Gangsta Feet". Also, i'm playing TF2 right now, on the #2 server, so if you wanna play, come and join me!
  7. Reinvented

    ATTN: DIY-Clan

    Hey guys, My names Reinvented. I've been here for quite a while, but no longer an active poster since DFI forums moved. I've noticed that you guys started your own group of gamers, and I thought to myself, "hey, that's pretty awesome". I looked through the thread, but you guys don't have your own server around, or a place to really call your home. A year ago, I had started my own gaming community. I built a server with some damn nice hardware and got it hosted in Dallas. Anyway, I have quite a few game servers hosted on the box. It currently has the following: Those are currently all the servers I have up. So, I'm hoping to get you guys to come and play on it. It'll be nice to actually have some mature players on it, besides little kids who mic spam and think it's okay to use racial slurs. We do have rules like any other place also, and they aren't too much to ask for. So, if you have any of these games and are down to play, then come and join me with the rest of the guys. We have forums up also dedicated to this, where you can post a ban request if you see a hacker or if an admin isn't available. Or, if you want to become an admin, you can do so by filling out the order form. But yeah, again...just looking for mature players to come and fill up the servers and have a good time. Last but not least, I've also talked to Travis who was very interested in Rainbow 6 Vegas. So, I'm going to look into that and see what I can do so everyone can play that if they want. If there's anything you'd like to see, post some feedback in here, send me a PM, or come post on my forum. Here is the link to the servers also: http://insomgaming.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4 I think that's it! -Brandon
  8. Big 'ol bump! Someone buy the PSU please!
  9. Hi guys, I have a couple more things up for sale. Thought I'd offer them up over here since I don't come here often at all. Here are my terms: I will ship first if you have 150+ heat. If not, don't even think of asking! I will be shipping via UPS Ground, and tracking will be provided. Insurance is optional, but you pay for it of course. (5 bucks) All prices are firm and include shipping to ConUS ONLY! My heatware is under Reinvent3d Ebay is under Reinvent3d also ----- A used Intel D975XBX2 motherboard. It will come with all accessories and 4 extra SATA cables. It's been used since February. I removed the stock NB heatsink and applied AS5 instead. It comes with a pretty new bios. Not the latest, but the next one after that. I'm looking for 170 shipped for this! - SOLD! Next I have is a PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 850W SSI Power supply! I've had it since October of 2006. I purchased it from Performance-PC's, and it's been reliable ever since! It's one of the best I've ever owned. Looking to get 250 shipped for this! Any questions, please PM me! Hoping to get this stuff sold quick! Thanks!
  10. Honestly man, what's the point in posting if you have no experience with the board? It doesn't work the same man. Please, either get the board, or shut up.
  11. Not at all. The fan headers can ONLY supply so much through the board.
  12. USB headers = pins on mobo to attach the USB front pannel. Your asking for a front pannel then. You can find some 5.25" bays at Performance-PCs.com or Jab-tech.com .
  13. Top sata ports on the board are labeled as 3/4, and in bios, it's also 3/4.. Bottom as 1/2, etc. Pretty simple eh? Its you that got it confused.
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