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Closing Ports


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Ok i got an email from charter communications saying there is a worm goin around that shuts computers down. I am pretty shure that I have expireinced it because my computer has shut down a few times in the past few days. I need to know the I.P. that gets you into the settings for the router and need to know if i can close port 135 or if anything uses it.


Dear Charter Customer:

As you may have heard on the news, many Internet users are experiencing problems with their computers shutting down abruptly. This is not a problem with Charter Pipeline service. It is the result of a computer vulnerability and is being experienced by computer users around the world. It is due to a computer worm that scans computers checking to see if a setting on your computer, port 135, is open. If so, the worm takes advantage of the computer and shuts it down.

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