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    I race motocross hoping to turn pro in a few years i will be buying a sick bike from a pro supercross racer over 15 grand into bike. and computers of course
  1. thansk for the help it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok i got an email from charter communications saying there is a worm goin around that shuts computers down. I am pretty shure that I have expireinced it because my computer has shut down a few times in the past few days. I need to know the I.P. that gets you into the settings for the router and need to know if i can close port 135 or if anything uses it.
  3. ya its true you are like ice cream on a hot summer day because you melt when things get hot.
  4. he wants a magnetic one and that is for an electronic one.
  5. I thought you said it was a mod shopping spree? you only ordered a few things. Now if you go and order $200 worth of stuff like i did last week then thats a mod shopping spree.
  6. OMFG how many people think that it comes with onboard video? I have never seen any review that says it does and I have never seen it anywhere on the box so why would you think it does. This just makes me want to slap the people who think it has on board video. Oh in case you didn't understand that for some reason that was a no it doesnt have onboard video.
  7. ya i need to order some nylon sleeving and some heatshrink, i was going to get it from frozencpu but i heard their heatshrink sucks so has anyone had any good luck with any other places?
  8. ya id say go with the 9500 even though im also an Nvidia person you will get more performance with the 9500 just make sure you get it from somewhere that will let you RMA it incase it craps out.
  9. do you have a window in your case that uses that window molding? if it does there is a locking strip that comes with them and you can use the el wire as the locking strip and it looks bad ..
  10. When Intel comes out with the non-overclockable CPU's and it is a when not an if. I think AMD wont go that way because they know they will always have a good marketplace as long as Intel does this and they might even see an increase in sales. But i think AMD is better because they have more power than Intel even though intel has a higher FSB AMD still holds their own.
  11. hmm im just wondering why you have that comp in your signature? I bet you don't have any of the things in your sig. I don't think you would put that slower system in the case gallery when you have that rippin one. I bet you are straight out lyin.
  12. you probably did it wrong because that will most likely fix it.
  13. uh its not hard to get a job dude i got one when i was 15 and i got hired at the first and only place i applied at you cant use that as an excuse.
  14. im only 16 and i work 40+ hours a week so i can lift and restore my 67' F250, pay for a new $6000 dirt bike and build a $2000 comp.
  15. the DVD burner alone is going to brin you up to 800 bucks so about $1000 is the cheapest you can get it to.
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